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pain in the testicles
  • tigertiger
    Posts: 4

    so i got the tool today, introduced it and it felt really great....but i had to stop after some minutes because my testicles hurted....till now.

    did i something wrong, is that normal, did i too much?
    any advice what to do now?

    by the way, i dont have any doubt about inducing an orgasm with that tool, its really cool, but now i cant go on, how bad.... :-(

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i'm not a doctor.

    but, i am (was) a testicle pain sufferer. i had it for many years. in my case it is caused by muscular tension in my pelvic floor muscles. that does not mean the same is true for you.

    the aneros or any "strenuous" sexual activity in which i have a lot of pelvic floor contractions (ie, involuntaries, orgasms, etc) can bring on the symptoms. luckily i can control them by giving my floor muscles a massage (through the rectal wall) with the Crystal Wand Deluxe.

    it is very counter-intuitive that aching pain in the balls or throbbing pain in the urethra could be caused (referred) by muscular tension and spasm in the floor muscles. but that is the way the urology community is moving. you can read about it in a book called "A Headache in the Pelvis."

    again, i can't say if that is your problem or not.

    definitely hold off and go easy.

    do not contract super hard.

  • tigertiger
    Posts: 4

    i never had problemes like this before.
    but i think its possible that the front part of the aneros, which press on the hui yin (the point on the pelvic floor), press too much....isnt that the way the urether goes along?

    with massage from the outside you didnt have success?

    can you now use the aneros?