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Over the edge help
  • So a few day's ago I broke down and decided to hit up the sex shop with my fiance. I'd been wanting to purchase the helix for some time now but have had other things going on. So finally now I own one for myself and wow definatly a big up grade from having the eupho and sgx. Right off I noticed some really diffrent feelings arrising from new dimentions. Something I havent felt before. Also I have to this day not been able to replicate the 2 amazing o's I had before, not sure if stress plays a big role in this, I am alway's excited to have a session and dont really expect a whole lot. But I have felt these past 2 sessions with the helix brought me closer to something. I got these glowing sensations and my penis I thought was going to over inflate felt hard as ever, but the sensations subsided and I was able to bring this on 2 times but not peak over the hill so to speak. So maybe someone can shed some light on things. Here are some things that are in my reputwa. Alway's empty the bow'ls and bladder, using water based ID glide lube, position of choice is on back with a pillow proped under the back side. I try concentrating on things that turn me onn etc and I use small rectal contractions, I have yet to have the "Spasm" or twitching, so maybe Im doing something wrong. Anyway's I dont over do the contractions I keep them light and let things come to me. I do get great feelings, but I just cant get over the top. Any help would be appreciated.