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  • hi

    iam new here at the board and to the whole topic. just ordered an aneros, not get it yet.

    i read something here at the board about blue balls, you can get from the training with the aneros.

    so is it better to ejaculate after every single aneros session to prevent such kinds of side effects? but the orgasm without ejaculation is one of the sweat sounding goals of the use, how i think.

    what are your experiences with that topic? is it common to get it?

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Tiger,

    Welcome to the forum. You are in store for quite an adventure! As far as ejaculation frequency goes, if you read all the threads here (good luck with that!) you will find opinions across the spectrum. What you will do is find the right combination for you. I believe that the frequency of ejaculation will change as you experiment with it. There is a school of thought that if you have gone too long, that it is almost too distracting. If you shoot too much, you might not have enough sexual energy built up for a great session.

    Personally, I have had some fantastic sessions and some dud sessions in either one of those scenarios. You will be the best judge of that. My assumption would be if you have any discomfort in that area, that you will take care of it.

    Take your time and don't go after that brass ring with too much vigor. It may take some time. Have as much fun with it as you can. Even the traditional orgasm should take on more intense levels with your Aneros use.

  • Tiger,

    I have been using the aneros over three years and it has never caused me to get "blue balls". One of the great features of the aneros is with practice you can achieve a hands free ejaculation. This can be achieved by stretching your scrotum between you thighs. Be careful and make sure your testicles are not between your thighs. With some simple anal contractions you will feel a traditional orgasm building and then you will ejaculate. You can find these instructions on the website. There is nothing wrong ending a session with masturbating just do not stimulate your penis while attempting to Super-O. It has been documented well that the sensations leading up to the Super-O are very sublte and any penis stimulation distracts from what is going on with your prostate. Also it does feel great when you ejaculate and the aneros strokes your prostate by way of your anal contractions. It really adds to a traditional orgasm. Welcome to the forum. Hope this helps.

  • Hello Tiger,

    I find that the prostate massage is good for preventing "blue balls" or congestion because the movement helps the fluids that build up in the prostate to be reabsorbed into the body. So better not to ejaculate every time, just now and again, and you will experience greater pleasure more often by not spending yourself. Try Extended Male Deer (EMD) exercise to distribute the intense sensations through your whole body.

    Grand Tiger