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How about some tips for a newbie ISO the Super O?
  • Hi there! No point denying it...I am a newbie in need of advice from some more experienced experts. I have just started using the Aneros MGX. I have tried it twice, following all the online instructions on the Aneros web site. So I insert the MGX well lubed, then relaxed with the breathing, etc. and then started the contractions while cocooned. I did about 50 of them. The first time, nothing happened. The second time, I felt some more sensitivity around the area where the MGX was, but after about an hour, I gave up.

    What am I missing out? What else should I be doing? I believe all of what you folks say, but I sure wish I could feel it for myself. Any tips, folks? Thanks a ton.

    In search of the Super-O, Dr. J. :(
  • GeistGeist
    Posts: 41
    Be patient, relax, let go of your expectations, and simply enjoy each session for the 'learning' experience it is.