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Badly need some advice - getting closer
  • Hey folks

    I feel I am getting closer to a dry-o. Today I inserted my aneros into a condom which I think felt better. I had it in for about an hour but it wasn't going anywhere. It felt like a dud session. I removed the aneros. I then had the idea of inserting some of the condom first (with the aneros still inside the condom) then pushing the aneros in so that there was some space for the aneros to move around (lube inside the condom). This worked well and it wasn't long before I had some really nice feelings in my penis (which became very hard). The sensations were great and I could feel my penis sort of throbbing every now and then. I was laying on my front and I had an orgasm which lasted longer than usual but I still ejaculated so it wasn't a dry-o. However, I think it was sort of half a penis orgasm and half a prostate orgasm because I didn't use my hands, although my erection was hard and my foreskin was tight so that I think some of the movements I made caused my penis to get a tiny amount of friction which brought on the orgasm. I have had this orgasm twice now. I think I was getting close to a dry-o (prostate based) but the friction on my penis caused more of a penile orgasm.

    Has anyone got any thoughts on this? or had a similar experience?

    Thanks a lot :twisted:
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    office boy,

    Sounds like you are getting close.

    There was one great suggestion in the threads for your situation. Try to put together an ensemble of bed, chair, and/or ottoman where when you lie down on your stomach, there is a space open for your third leg to hang free. That way, friction (and a penile "o"") will not interfere with the super "o" you might achieve.

    Let us know how tht works for you.

  • officeboy,

    I used to have a lot of traditional orgasms using the aneros instead of the "dry" orgasms. This seemed to change over time. The thing that made the difference for me was whether or not I clamped my scrotum between my legs. If I hold it snuggly between my thighs, I'm much more likely to experience a traditional orgasm. If it's not held there, then I haven't ever experienced a 'wet' orgasm. I don't know if this helps or not; just thought I'd mention it.

    ~ lb