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Orgasms from being fucked in the ass
  • I just learned about this and am going to send for some right away! In the past I've had orgasms in my ass several times while another man was fucking me. When I've told other guys about this they refused to believe me. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • I've had orgasms with ejaculation from anal stimulation. First time it was very intense (and it was from fingering myself after hearing of it). With receptive anal sex I usually have to add some stimulation to my penis but this is to get orgasm with ejaculation. What this site is mostly about is orgasm without ejaculation.

    First I heard of this was associated with post-op transexuals. I thought after they had the op they would not be able to get orgasm but I got 'informed' that the op creates a vagina by turning the penis inside out and this keeps nerves from the penis intact as well as enabling stimulation for the prostrate from being fucked. Post-op transexuals therefore do get orgasms. I'd be interested to know if those orgasms are the same as those described on this site.

    I've experimented with edging to achieve internal orgasm and I find this much more intense than orgasm with ejaculation. I've only just started with the aneros but my first experience was very intense. I'm looking forward to the big-O.
  • I meant non-ejaculatory orgasms, totally inside. They were much more intense than any ejaculation, with such tremendous waves of intense pleasure that it was almost unbearable. I'm hoping to achieve this again with the aneros.