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Relaxation or Sexual Frenzy?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    So after some trouble progressing (getting waves of pleasure, but can't go any further) I've decided to do some reflecting and seeing what I can do differently in my future sessions.

    I'm starting to think I might be taking too mellow of an approach with my sessions. Each session I usually treat it like an internal massage, very pleasurable and relaxing, but I don't really try to get my self aroused during the session, just enjoying myself. I think perhaps I might been looking at the whole thing too logically, focusing on pleasure and contractions, rather than emotion.

    What're your thoughts?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356

    ya know, i think that's a great question.

    i was thinking of posting something very similar, highlighting the same dichotomy.

    you're probably responding to a couple of recent posts, one from jevad ("This is easy! (And hot)"), and one from me ("super-o-delirium-O"). both of them, in different ways, had the message that being "really hot to trot" is a big part of the process.

    b mayfield has also emphasized the importance of arousal. but, when jevad says it, the vernacular of his language drives home what we're talking about when we mean aroused.

    on the other hand, i think there are plenty of guys here who are taking the meditative approach.

    what i am curious about, for those more familiar with the eastern traditions than i am, is, do those traditions include the "filthy horiness" jevad reports? somehow that seems wildly inconsistent.

    so perhaps there are two approaches: meditative and horny heat.

    i think that they produce different kinds of experiences, one "ecstatic" and the other "having my lights fucked out"

    i can say that for me, the times i have had the most dramatic experiences have been when i have been hot. so far to get into the state of totally unleashed erogenousness i have needed the crutch of a puff of pot. i hope to find a way to get there without it. (it may be applying body oil sensually in front of a mirror).

    i also liked jevad's suggestion of being physically absorbed in porno. that harkens back to my "kegel aerobics" in which i suggested doing kegels to the time of some kind of stroking or copulating in a porno video.

  • hello,

    I wasn't gonna bother with these forums cos i got instant results with this device. However, as i'm discovering, this shit ain't as simple as i thought lol.

    but hey, what the hell.

    Check it out.

    What has mine *extremely limited* experience of this been? Well, a bit of both.

    Both meditative and HOT.

    I mean, personally i think spending your entire time in the oooh so relaaaaxing meditation, ooooh massage my prostate zone, is bullshit. Why the fuck would i want to do that? I could just lie in a hot bath and feel *relaxed*.

    I'm here cos i'm a horny cunt. That's the goal.

    But the thing with this is, you have to EASE YOURSELF in. I suppose some of the more experienced guys can just shove the thing up there and get off. But for me, it take quite a while of *settling in* before i can get off on it.

    This means i spend some time in the meditative stage. The relax, none-sexual (almost) just massaging and figuring out the muscles bit.

    My first thread here, i was totally horny and fucking arounsed as fuck. So that helped with the instant result. But even then, EVEN THEN, i spent like 30-45mins of chilling out and getting used to it. When i'm not *that* horny, the last two times, i spend about an hour just getting used to it.

    This is frustrating. Sometimes i'm horny and i want to get off on a wild ride RIGHT NOW. But i have to shove this thing up my ass, and then wait for an hour - by which time, i've pretty much lost my hardon.

    Right now (i dont know if this will change) this isn't like cock-wanking. Where i can just grab my cock, even if my ball sack is sagging empty, and wank it furiously until i have any kind of orgasm.

    So first i have to be full in the sack. Not like bursting or some shit - but plenty of cum in there. You have to be more hornier than what it takes to wank - othewise i get bored, and can't really get off (remember, i'm a n00b).

    So, this is how it is man.

    Slide the thing in there. Ow!! I dont like that. Chill 5, 10, 15 mins. Liek totally CHILL.

    You know what, during this period I have some chill music on, maybe even the News on the TV.

    You can spend an hour like this. In the non-sexual phase. - sometimes its only 15minutes. But whatever. There IS a long "meditative/massage" phase. Here all i do is massage my prostate.

    Then i can spend 15-30-60 minutes doing nthing but massaging my prostate. Trying to figure out and hone in on all the sensations.

    But at some point, you have to kick it up a notch.

    I have had incredible interactive experiences with porn on this. In that i'm so completely absorbed in the porn, that as the men/women cum to orgasm, i get wave after wave of mind blowing, body twisting orgams. But a lot of the times, it takes me about an hour to warm myself up to get to this point.

    Just a question to ask yourself - how long are you spending with your Aneros? Are you spending 1 hour of massaging, and then you put it away?

    Thats no good. Set aside 2 hours, 1 hour massage phase. And then get all horny.

    So to sum up this meandring post (sorry, a little drunk, friday night) I spend a first long time getting as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. And then when i'm totally relaxed. I get myself fucking horny and hard and get into a rabid fuck sessioon. And its that second half that its all about.

    Hope that helps.

    BTW - I think most eastern sex is bollox. Most tantra is bollox. The Kama Sutra was written by whimsical monks who weren't getting laid. I like fingering girls assholes, and having them squirt in my face - is that in "tantra"? noooooo... fuck that shit. BORING
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Well I tried to be more sexual (getting aroused beforehand and had porn playing during) and I did make some progress (a wave of something powerful washed over me for about 10-15 seconds, not sure how to describe it, but I think I entered the mini-o area, though I didn't quite make it over the hump).

    I'm not sure if it was because I was aroused or not, I had also tried doing 1-2 hour sessions the last couple days without manually finishing the job. So my sensitivity was up, my tanks were full, and I was fairly aroused.

    One or more of these factors probably helped me progress past just waves of pleasure. I'm fairly happy that I was able to move forward at least a little, I was starting to get frustrated a bit.