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This is easy! (And hot!)
  • Yo, long post coming up. I've only used the Aneros twice, and found out about it a month ago, but already i have a wealth of information to give ALL you guys. The vast majority seem to be struggling, so i will help you - even tho, i'm a COMPLETE newbie, in anal play. Check it:

    Chapter 1

    So i've been getting really good with fucking girls and making them cum HARD. I can make any girl squirt (all over my face, yum!). But then i got jealous that girls i was fucking were enjoying sex waaaaay more than me. They were convulsing and all sorts of shit, and all i could muster was this lame ass cock orgasm (no offence to my gorgeous cock).

    So i was working on making me hornier and more into sex. I heard somewhere that Zinc supplements make you produce a shit load more cum. So i've been taking these for ages. They definitly do the trick. I'm horny way way more than ever, and i produce more lovely juicy cum.

    I also been exercising my PC muscles for a long long time too. Ever since i read somewhere, years ago, that they were the key to better orgams (no they're not - they just allow you to control yourself a little better). So, when i remember to, i will always work them out by doing an exercise. Again, i dont have strong PC muscles at all, but atleast my body knows which ones they are and how to control/isolate them. To be fair, they're fairily strong, but nothing special. I dont exercise them as much as a i should (always forget).

    So i produce lots of cum (Zinc supplements), and i know my PC/sphincter muscles quite well.

    I'm also very good at masturbating. when i'm wanking myself, i tease my cock almost to the point of no return and keep myself there for half an hour, sometimes and hour, really working myself up. So i'm really good at this too.

    I guess what i'm trying to say is that my neurons and muscle "memory" etc. is well established, which is why i got instant results with this.

    After all this work, i still felt something was missing in that the girls would cum better than me. And anyway, during sex, its harder for me to control that "wah wah" stage of almost coming with my cock, than when i'm playing with myslef. So i thought - must be a better way to cum like a girl for a guy!

    So i typed in "better male orgams" in Google last month and huzzzah! Aneros pops up.

    And i read every thing that day, and i'm convinced that this is some next shit! I'd heard about the prostate being the male g-spot, and i had previously tried fingering my ass and playing with it - but was kinda clueless how to get that thing to work. So Aneros seemed the answer to a new high. No shit!!!

    Last week it arrived. I got the Helix cos everyone seemed to be singing its praises (tho i honestly no longer think it makes that much difference to what model you buy).

    Preparing to use it i washed my asshole thoroughly, and fingered my self and cleaned it all out. I love doing this, i've always enjoyed the sensation of teasing my tight asshole, with lots of soap! I also used an epilator to get rid of every single hair on my cock and ass. It makes me feel so sexy (tho it can leave you a bit sore). It's smoother than waxing.

    So i laid on my bed. Put a sheet on the bed cos i thought it was gonna get messy. I used a mirror for a while just to look at my asshole and play with it, and tease it, getting myself horny. Fingering it slowly. I then used the syringe to shoot up a load of lube up my ass. I then POURED lube on the Aneros devise. I then shoved it up my hole. Ow!!!!

    I like playing with my asshole, and i do sometimes fantasize about a cock in my hole (i LOVE cocks, but i'm totally turned off by men, ewwww, hate men). However, the reality of sticking something that big is a bit much for me. A finger is all i can handle. I managed to get the thing in there just like the instructions said (on my side, one leg tucked up). Then i lay there whincing with pain. It said relax for 15 minutes which is what i did. After a while i got used to the thing up there, and there was no more discomfort. I actually started enjoying it. However, i still had to move slowly, otherwise i would feel pain.

    So then i stuck on some porn and lay on my back, slighyl propped up against the heard board of my bed. From here i started playing with my PC muscles and sphincter mucles - i got the idea that these two were actually different - the sphicter controls your shit and PC controls your piss.

    It was awkward to figure out what i was doing. When to contract what, how to contract it, and i didnt' really feel the thing moving inside me, at all. I oculdn't even tell it was pushing against my prostate. I kept pushing out too much like i was forcing it out of my ass, then sucking in too much, and generally not doing anything.

    Well, i then realised i used too much lube. It said use plenty!! I had to race to the bathroom and extract all this lube from my ass - it felt way uncomforable. I had shot far too much up there. It was painful taking it out. And then putting it back in. I'd spent about half an hour on this thing by this time.

    I then had to get back on my bed and relax. I was on my back again, with less lube, and it felt more comfortable. Feet flat on the bed, knees raised, being sligthly up right (so i could see the porn).

    After about another half hour of just being patient and totally relaxing, and then playing with my sphincter/pc muscles again, i got the hang of slowly sucking it in, and then let it relax out again. These are very SUBTLE movements, i guess i expected something more dramatic.

    I experimented with half contracting to full contracting my PC, pushing hard with my sphincter, closing it all off, to try and figure it out. Then a mini-break through - i half contracted my PC, and then full contracted it, then half, then full - did that a few times, just edging it at the top - and i felt my PC muscles spasm. I figured that THIS spasm was the key, because then it starts bouncing around inside you freely. I instantly felt a HEAT WAVE on my head - my face heated up, my heart started beating VERY FAST, and all my body was slightly tingling.

    Now this wasn't a sexual feeling at all. Just curious. Anyway, i managed to hold the spasm for about 5 seconds, until i lost it again, and totally relaxed all muscles.

    By this time i was too distracted cos the phone had rung, and other shit. So i couldnt' be bothered trying to get the spasm feeling back. Besides i already spent an hour on this thing, and i had to go out later that day with some friends. So i thought, ok, now you know how it feels, and that next time, working on getting that half-contracted muscle spasm, and you'll be set.

    Nothing interesting, wasn't even horny. I quickly jerked off to the porn, and left it for another time.
  • Chapter 2

    So i used the aneros for the second time last night and made myself multi-orgasmic sexy funness!!

    It's been 4 days since my first experience with the Aneros. Last night i managed to finally find some time to myself and have another go.

    I hadn't masturbated at all in the intervening 3 days (just no time to myself, busy busy busy) - and with the taking of the Zinc supplements, my cock was ready to explode. I had a hardon the whole day which i had been teasing constantly. Tickling it under the head in my office. Stroking it long and hard in the toilet everyime i went. Washing it with warm water and admiring it in the mirror. I had so much cum stored up in me and was so horny yesterday, i couldn't concentrate on anythign. I spent my whole time fanatasizing about cocks and drinking cum - the smell of girls pussies, licking their assholes etc..

    So i got home and had another shower, cleaning my asshole thoroughly. I spent sometime playing with myself. Admiring myself in the mirror. Slowly jerking my hard cock. Getting on all fours and rubbing my ass, and stroking my smooth balls gently. I was almost reluctant to turn to the Aneros because i was enjoying myself so much and knew the discomfort of the device.

    Still i gave it another go.

    Same deal. Put on some porn. Used less lube. Slid the thing up in there (owww!! this hurts me :( ) Then relaxed for a few minutes.

    I only need to relax about 5 minutes straight before the discomfort and soreness goes away. Dont really need to regulate my breating (Guys - TRYING to regulate your breathing is the worst thing possible thing - you can't TRY to relax your breathing. Ignore your breathing, it'llmake you more tense and frustrated. Just be in a chill frame of mind and the breathing will take care of itself).

    Anyway, i gave it a little over 5 minutes before i started playing. I was on my back again, feet flat on the bed, knees raised, my head and torso also slightly raised against the pillows. Watching the porn.

    First a couple of slow contractions of both the PC and the sphincter. Just to get used to it. Doesn't really do anything. Did this for about 10 mins. Not really concentrating on anything. Not thining about anything. No longer feeling THAT horny. Dick not hard. However, i felt the hot flushes that i felt last time really quickly. My face had heated up, and i dont know why. I felt a *bit* tingly, but wasn't sure if i was imagining this (i wasn't). Still not feeling horny.

    I then concentrated on playing with my prostate. I just focused on the sensations that were happening in my ass. Wasn't thinking about anything else. I adopted the mindset that "today i'm going to play with my prostate, and i'm not interested in it being sexual". So i just started tensing untensing my PC/shphincter musles - as though i was scratching an itch up there. The movements are EXTREMELY subtle. But i could feel i was more full up there. So just playing with the thing in there, with a focus on the Aneros rubbing against my prostate (which is quite ill defined). Did this for about 10 minutes. Trying different combinations. Relaxing the muscles, full contracting, half contracting, holding it tense, relaxing tiny. Just playing. Trying to get the best and deepest movement out of the thing. Did this for about 10 minutes. Nothign sexual so far. At some point whilst i was doing this, the phone rang. SO i had to answer that, and relax again, and start again. Then i needed a piss. Grrrr. So i went, took the aneros out, took a piss. And started AGAIN! I tried different positions, with my knees tucked into my chest, and played with my prostate like that. I had my ass slightly touchign the bed so the Aneros was causing friction with the matteress. This gave added sensation and was nice. I then put my hands under my ass to lift the aneros off the bed, and played liek that for a bit. All were good.

    And then it happened.

    I got the idea of what was going on with my muscles, so now i was ready to step it up. I was aiming for the muscles spasms that i had got the night before. The insides of my ass and the aneros were totally in control. I switched my focus on to the porn, as i continued to gently contract and half contract in my ass. As i watching three hot lesbians at it, i started to get aroused. This arousal led to me dick getting slightly bigger, and my PC tensed slightly. As this happened, my PC muscles started twitching involuntarily. I held the half contraction and they started spasmsing harder and harder. My body was heating up. My heart stated beating RAPIDLY. My head was hot. My eyes were closing up. I was feeling fucking horny!

    However, everytime i thought "yes! this is it!" i'd lose arousal, and the spasming would subside. I had to stay aroused by focusing on the porn and i could keep the spasms going.

    After this, i literally entered another world. Controlling my sphicnter and PC muscle half-half contracted and keeping it there, the aneros was going ape-shit in my ass.

    Each time the girls on the porno came, i came with them. I was riding their fuck sessions. The feeling was centred in my cock which had stiffened rock solid by now. But it was spreading throughuot my body. My toes were tingling, my nipples were excited. My heart was pounding. My PC was in constant spasm. I watched a woman getting a beautiful ass licked and fingered, her toes sucked, and i knew how she felt as my cock began throbbing wildly. I saw one of the girls pussies squirt cum all over the other two as she screamed and convulsed in ecstacy, and i did too. I imagined their beautiful asses on my face, crouching over my face and pissing on me as i drank them up, yum! Girls licking my arsehole, their gorgeous tits with my cum all over it, all over their faces. I was watching these women on the porno having repeated orgasm after orgasm, fnger fucking each others pussies, and with them, i was having my wave after wave of orgasm. In that moment i realised how women can have multiple orgasms. I felt i was having sex like a woman!

    It was the horniest session of my life. All in all it lasted about 1 hour from when i put the aneros in, to the point where i was coming. I could have kept it going for ages and ages. Once the spasming had started, the rest took care of itself. After that it was just maintain, and enjoy the ride. Phew!

    So within 3 days i'm up to speed with this thing and enjoying multiple orgasms. My first session was just practice, but in my first full session, i achieved my horniest filthiest state ever. And i love it!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,304
    "i felt like i was having sex like a woman"

    "i entered another world"

    "my horniest filthiest state ever"

    sounds familiar. way to go!

  • Chapter 3

    So i'll give you guys tips on how i achieved this, and probably never post on here again. I see all these people experimenting with all this far out weirdo bullshit like the "White Deer Woooohaa" and "K-Note Sound Tantra of the winds.." lol Waste of time.

    In fact there is a hell of a lot of bullshit on this forum, with guys clutching at anything to give them prostate orgasms (which is all this is essentially).

    The following is a list of how this works:

    1) This isn't the holy grail. The more you treat this like the holy grail, the more impossible you'll make it to reach. In mythology the holy grail has been lost forever and never been found. Don't give your mind the excuse to treat this as somethign unattainable, or something you can only attain through a long journey. It's not at all liek that. If you think like that, your brain will treat it like that, and never allow you to deserve it. This is nothing more than your prostate spasming. Small chunk it. "Today i will stick a penis shaped device in my hole to make my prostate spasm". Don't ever think beyond that. It'll lead to frustration.

    2) Dont get frustrated Frustration will destroy your chances of success. Don't make a big deal out of this. If you dont make it, dont stress about it. You HAVE to be aroused to make this work. If you stop being aroused, and start getting nervous about whether you're gonna make it, then, just like penis sex, you'll fail. Remain aroused. Focus on the MOMENT. Dont think about your fear of not being able to do this, or anticipating the pleasure that MIGHT happen - just enjoy the feelings that are present. A good frame of mind to have is - "i'm gonna massage my prostate with this device, and i expect nothing more". And then just moment by moment enjoy the arousal.

    3) Be aroused This is a sexual activity. Be horny, its ok. Free your mind of all taboos and limitations. If you think three lesbians pissing on your face is hot (i do!) then fantasize about this shit. Focus on your arousal. Your doing this as horny playtime.

    4) Take Zinc In large doses it can be unhealthy - but this is the single most effective thing in making you cum more. Again, it's not some magic bullet - but it will definitly increase the amount of cum stored in your prostate, and therefore make it more full and easier to play with.

    5) Don't masturbate Once you've been using the device for a while, it probably doesn't matter, as you'll have better control of those muscles. But essentially the more tingly and aroused your cock is, the easier it is to get to that stage. So don't masturbate for a couple of days, and then use the Aneros. Despite what people say about this being a full body experience, this is essentially cock centric. As soon as you get to the right point, your cock will become rock solid and feel supersensitive. You'll feel as though your cock is cumming and cumming. The more sensitive you are through the lack of masturbation around your cock, the more likely it is that you will experience these handfree orgasms. If you are watching porn and sufficiently aroused, you can imagine yourself cumming. Rememeber when you have sex/masturbate after a long time of abstention? you cum instantly. Thats because your cock is in a state of ready. It's easier if you start from that state with the Aneros.

    6) Watch porn I love porn. I have hours and hours of this stuff. I NEVER masurbate my cock without porn, so there is no way i'm gonna masturbate my prostate without it. It also helps me get aroused. More than that, when i wank my cock to porn, i always time it with the man and/or the woman cumming. This way i have an interactive experience with porn. I have a similar experience with the Aneros. I'm absorbed in the orgasms of the performers, which my mind can translate into my own orgasms - this is the main reason why i had instant success with this. When those bitches were cumming, i started imagining what it was like, imagining the orgasm, and this prompted my own. It's better to see things clearly on porn, than imagine things in your own head - if you are imagining inside your head, its easy to get distracted.

    7) Insert Slowly Be very very gentle as you insert the aneros. The discomfort can be distracting.

    8) You dont need that much lube Contrary to popular opinion. You dont need that much lube. Just enough to let it slide in. Don't overload your arse otherwise you'll be distracted.

    9) Breathing isn't a big deal It really isn't. In fact, forget about your breathing. Your breathing is a reflection of your state. If you a relaxed and at ease with yourself, then the breathing will take care of itself anyway. Besides, very soon you will be panting and grasping for air. Just be chilled, and dont be stressed. Watch some TV or some shit, with the thing in before you get yourself all aroused, just to chill.

    10) Take your time When first starting out. This is not somethign to be rushed. Set aside two hours of play (though you'll only need like 1). After putting it in. Spend about 5-15 minutes just chilling out. You prolly wont need that long. But just to get used to it. Then slowly introduced contractions. Then about half an hour in, you can start going for the spasms.

    11) You dont need to sleep with it in This is pointless. Unless you're into it anyway.

    12) You don't need a douche wash Unless you're into that shit.

    13) You dont need some weird positions The position is irrelevant. Unless you're some kind of mutant freak, the Aneros is well big enough to be stroking your prostate. Just be comfortable. I like lying on my back with it in, and a pillow under my ass to allow the device to move freely.

    14) It doesn't matter what model you buy It's not a big deal at all. It's like people who buy the Mouth Fleshlight, or the Ass-hole fleshlight, or the Vagina fleshlight. It'll all get you there in pretty much the same way. There might be slight differences, but not worth stressing about. You could probably just finger your prostate and milk yourself to orgasm. It's just trickier.

    15) Exercice your PC muscles My theory is, the guys who are stuggling with this, have weak PC muscles. This is the muscle that controls everything and you have to make it spasm. So spend some time strengthing this. Put a wet towel over your hard cock and try and raise your cock. You'll get the idea of which muscle it is. Check the net. I try to , everyday, work my PC out (and my sphincter in the process). I do it in the office. I do 50 short sharp contractions of my PC and sphincter. Then 10 deep ones. Then i do when deep contration and hold it for 10 seconds. Relax, hold it for another 10, relax, hold it for another 10. I repeat this entire process another 2 times. Try do this everyway. It'll give me a neurological feel for my pc/sphicnter muscles. Crucial in acchieving this.

    16) Masturbate long time The orgasmic feeling of the prostate orgasm is pretty much the same as the penis orgasm - only its 3 times as strong, comes in waves, you can make it last and last, and it involves your whole body. But essentially it starts from the same feeling in your cock. So jerk your cock, but MAKE IT LAST. Spend half an hour-hour bringing yourself to the verge of orgasm and then stop. And then to the tip again, and then ride that tip. Learn how to do this. Jerk it slowly, fast, get to the end, then just keep tapping your cock teasing it to cum, but never allowing it to cum. This'll build neurological pathways all over the place, and get you used to the feeling you need.

    17) dont touch your cock. Whilst experiencing the prostate orgams. Leave your cock well alone. It will distract from the pleasure your having. You'll be surprised that when the waves of orgasm are cumming, and you touch your cock, it'll feel completely numb. It feels as though you're about to cum from your cock, but your cock has nothign to do with it. It all happens in the base of your penis, where the prostate is located. If you want to combine the two orgasms later, thats cool, but when learning, just play the prostate.

    Well thats all i can think of. Thats all you need really. I managed to do it instantly with all the above already in place.

    Next i need to introduce a woman to start milking my prostate. But i dont know how this will work. I like to be dominant in my sex with chicks, so this might be a bit weird. Or i might just keep this to weird mastubatory pleasure.


    I'm gone.

  • AshlenAshlen
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    I then shoved it up my hole. Ow!!!!

    Slid the thing up in there (owww!! this hurts me :()

    What kind of lube are you using on the Aneros directly? I've been using KY Jelly and haven't really had any discomfort inserting (except for the Progasm :shock:) and I am pretty much new to anal play as it were. In the beginning I was just using some normal water-based lube, this was a lot harder to insert than KY, perhaps this is why it hurts so much?
  • "4) Take Zinc In large doses it can be unhealthy - but this is the single most effective thing in making you cum more. Again, it's not some magic bullet - but it will definitly increase the amount of cum stored in your prostate, and therefore make it more full and easier to play with."

    Exactly how much zinc do you take? And also how much to you weigh?

    Many thanks for this info. I might give it a try.