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Your Thoughts Please
  • I do not spend as much time on here as I used too, mainly cause I'm experienced non Super O achiever. I just carry on my merry way and one day I will achieve the big O.
    However last nights session needs a bit of analysis. I mean the thoughts of others on here please.

    I have been using the Eupho for quite sometime now and I'm really beginning to get the hang of this thing. The other thing different I did last night was not inject myself with Lube. I decided just to smear the Eupho with KY Jelly and my Anus.
    I laid on my side and got the usual feelings while watching some porn. I then changed the position to laying on the floor with legs raised onto a chair while listening to Brainsync.
    During this stage I can feel The Eupho twitching. Nothing major but moving along to the music I'm listening too. all this time I am relaxed and deep breathing. Half an hour i stayed like this with gentle contractions giving me nice feelings but that was it or like it normally is " Nice Feelings"
    I decided to change the position by laying with my torso on the bed and knees on the floor in a sort of doggy position. Well all of a sudden such a different feeling. I wasn't listening to music, infact i wouldn't say i was totally focused as I was waiting for confirmation my Girlfriend's plane had landed from holiday.
    Anyway I was still keeping fairly relaxed and still breathing deeply when all of a sudden it felt like the Eupho was moving all by itself and my penis was jumping around, as though the Eupho was touching something on the inside that made my penis move. Now I am sure or I think I am sure that this movement was done involuntary. I was still inhaling and gently contracting my muscles and through each breath I was analysing whether I was doing this myself. It eventually got to the stage were it felt like The Eupho was 10 times its original size, I then seemed to lose the feeling. I was still intent on breathing and contracting.

    If I get to that stage again what should I do? I am sure I killed it but pretty sure I can get back to that stage again?

    Has anyone else had feelings like that and suggestions of how to progress?

    This wasn't a Super O. If it was I'm sure I would know. Well I hope I would know after all this time

    Does this sound like I am at last on the right lines?


  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    First of all, congratulations on your continued progress! I can just taste that champagne I am clearly going to win in our bet that you will get the first "O". You seem to be close.

    I am sure that the experts will respond to your post but, for me, I will dust off the Eupho and give it another shot!

    Most of all, you seem to be having fun which is the most important ingredient.