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Progasm Triple Play
  • Session #2 didn't top Session #1 but it had some interesting twists of its own.

    I had 3 "Stuck in on" orgasms in succession.

    The first was almost identical to the one experienced in my first session. Lasted about 5 minutes and when the release finally came, it came in a series of 6-7 quick spasmodic orgasms, each following a contraction of the Progasm.

    After a 10 to 15 minute rest period, the second was just a little less intense than the first, just a shade shorter and was a normal release. Kind of unremarkable, except that one should never use that term when referring to this type of orgasm, which is soooo intense.

    After another 10-15 minute rest the third started out much the same as the second, except that the on button was only stuck for about 30 seconds. The peak of the orgasm started to fall off just a little. The Prograsm came to the rescue with a single small contraction which sent things right back to the peak. But that didn't last long either and it was just the beginning of another wonderful variation of this delightful orgasm. It turned into a cyclical event with each peak lasting 5-10 seconds, a small contraction of the Progasm with each fall off and right back to the same orgasmic peak. There was no big release between these events. It was like they were mini o's superimposed on a Super O. They lasted for probably around 3-4 minutes before I experienced a normal, full release.

    I don't know about others, but these "Stuck in on" orgasms exhaust me. The rest period in between is as much to enjoy the experience as to recharge for the next orgasm, but it seems to be required to continue as well. After 3 of these, the session was pretty much over after only 1 hour, no juice left. It was one of those sessions that is burned into memory. Maybe I will get back there and maybe like the elusive floating orgasm, it will only exist in memory. But what a great experience to be able to recall!

    By the way the Progasm was polished up for this event following Old Wolf's suggestion. Probably didn't cause this event, but it did make the Progasm feel more mobile, who knows what really did it?

  • Hey Insearchof -

    Thanks for your orgasmic description. It's interesting to note what people experience when using various Aneros products. The Progasm appears to be a good P-stimulator for you. How long does it take (once inserted) to get things going for you?


  • The Progasm takes almost no time at all to get things going. After insertion I usually wait until the tightness in my rectal muscle subsides. Sometimes this is as little as 5 minutes or sometimes 10-15. When I start manual contractions the prostate response is almost immediate. How long it takes to the first orgasm and crossover is largely dependent on how fast I want it to happen. If I use nipple stimulation coupled with involuntary anal contractions, I'm know I can get there in a few minutes. But then I miss out on a bunch of those great feelings that accompany the initial build up, so I almost never rush.

    This morning, for the first time ever, I decided to experiment with the Helix to see just how long it would take to crossover. After insertion I was relaxed enough to start involuntary contractions and nipple stimulation immediately. I orgasmed and crossed over in just under 4 minutes. I can't even have a regular ejaculatory orgasm that fast from a cold start.
    I hesitated in even mentioning this result, because it is almost totally irrelevant, except to show what is possible when you get fully rewired. I doubt that the Progasm would make much difference.

    Over the last month or so, most of the time it takes me 15-20 minutes to reach my first orgasm, this is by choice. It is Darwin's "calm seas" approach, just trying to savor every step of the journey and make it as much a mind driven event as possible. This is the only way to go as far as I am concerned. It doesn't look good on tape, because it lacks the thrashing around and moaning and groaning, but it just is a much purer form or orgasm that feels soooo good.