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Definite Progession & Some Questions
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    After my last session I had been feeling pleasure in my prostate without the Aneros, this is a new experience, and quite nice. However last night I tried to go sleep with these feelings, and ended up with an erection that wouldn't allow me to sleep. Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to try out my Helix for a spin while these feels were around.

    The session was quite an experience, waves of pleasure came and went, stronger than I have experienced before. My body would randomly start shaking violently (mainly my legs and arms), I finally experienced true involuntary anal contractions, and I think I found out how to both contract and press down with both sets of muscles.

    I felt like I was making some great process, it was a very pleasurable session, but my leg started cramping up from shaking so much, and my leg shaking was causing the Helix to shake violently, which made me concerned that it might cause some damage if I continued. Being 5AM didn't help matters either, so I ended manually so I could perhaps get some sleep, but instead I dreamt of the Helix all night (which sounds good, isn't the best thing when you want a good sleep).

    Anyway, I had some questions I hoped someone might have answers to:

    1. Is this non-aneros pleasure normal? I'm digging the sensation, but I fear it might mess with my sleep (I'm a bit of an Insomniac).

    2. I've heard many times in this forum about Dry Orgasms, I was curious if this actually meant a release type feeling, or just a constant intensifying orgasmic feeling that progresses through the session. Just curious if the feelings I felt last night would actually have a climax, or continue to intensify?

    3. I ended up ordering the Prograsm last Friday, I figured I was going to get one anyway, so why wait. My question is, should I try the Prograsm when I get it, or should I continue to learn with my Helix since I'm making definite progression?

    Also, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum, without the various advice and encouragement, I think I might of given up out of frustration.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    The “re-wiring” process does change us in subtle ways. The Aneros experience seems to awaken an awareness of and sensitivity to feelings/sensations we have heretofore either not experienced or have ignored within ourselves. From your description of events, I would surmise you are indeed experiencing some of these “re-wiring” changes, and yes, the feelings of pleasure even without the presence of the Aneros is normal, I know I have also felt it. Ultimately, as reported by ‘B.Mayfield’ , you may be able experience super-O’s without the Aneros at all! I do hope you can contain your excitement enough to insure you do not experience sleep deprivation consequences though. :D

    The dry-O’s that I have experienced felt almost identical in intensity to an ejaculatory orgasm except they have lasted several times longer (my longest was approx. 45 secs). The difference for me was that there is no sense of a climax as in an ejaculation, the orgasmic spasms just rapidly diminish and I don’t get the immediate lethargic feeling of a refractory period.

    The question about the Progasm, if you bought it, you might as well take it for a test drive. I think you will find it a different and enjoyable alternate device. It is not likely that use of the Progasm will hinder your “re-wiring” progress. I personally have the MGX, Helix and Progasm models, and each does feel slightly different in its effects, which one you use will vary with your particular mood .

    It sounds like you are making good progress along your journey of learning; keep at it and the rewards will continue to accumulate.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Rumel,

    The next time you have some extra cash or if someone wants to buy you a gift :D , I highly recommend that you add the Eupho to your arsenal. Talk about a different trip! You will take that thing out the box and think that 'ole Buster was puttin' you on because it is so thin. It really works some magic as well.

    Take care.