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Intercourse and a Super O
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    A new experience last night and might be fueled by earlier talk of being at the peak of a "cycle."

    Do any of you often have the super O during intercourse? I'd never had that strong of an occurence but this was something big...and I'm not sure what.

    During intercourse with my wife last night I had four very strong non-ejaculatory orgasms leading up to the big event - I'd equate them to the "dry" type I've encountered solo, same muscles spasm, feel as if the prostate is emptying and the penis spasms....but no big finish. Each time it wiped me out but I kept coming back for more. Finally I finished off and it nearly hurt it was so intense, literally could hardly move a muscle afterward. Gave new meaning to being spent. OMG WoW This was something brand new and simply writing about it is giving a perineal buzz that will build into something else.

    Can I look forward to this as a normal occurence? Please???????????
  • So are you saying that you achieved orgasms significantly more intense than through normal ejaculation?

    I am trying to figure out whether or not the prostate is capable of explosive orgasms like the g spot is.
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    The independent dry orgasms leading up to the ejaculation were pretty intense but I don't know that they were "more intense" perhaps because it was at new heights! They were definitely something you want to keep happening but energy draining. The final push was so strong the pelvis, perineum, scrotum and rectal areas were all into it, deep spasms, emptying the prostate and taking all energy away from the rest of my body to thrust deeply. Whoo! Was a good night :>)