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I have perfected the "hands free orgasm"..
  • I have found a way to have a "hands free orgasm" everytime I use my Helix. I have successfully done it two different times. The technique I use, is by placing my hands palms down around the base of my penis and balls ,making my fingers touch under my balls , but not stretching the skin of the penis. Both times I started having the involuntaries but was able to hold the contractions long enough that I seemed to "squeeze" out semen. It was different than an actual hands on orgasm. Slightly less ejaculate. It felt as if I could do it again immiediately after, so I removed the Helix and proceeded to masturbate and had another hands on orgasm not 30 seconds after the "hands free" one. I tried it a 2nd time and it worked exactly the same. Anybody else had anything happen like this? It was quite pleasurable to have the aneros propigate my "hands free" orgasm and then release myself after a 2nd time. It was like cumming twice in less than a minute. Mind you both orgasms had ejaculate.