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Darwin's real Aneros videos
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    ok, i made some videos.

    go to xtube and do a search on "aneros" or "multiple"

    the video quality is not that great but it doesn't really matter. i'll improve that in the future.

    (as with all aneros videos you need to hear the audio track.)

    here are the direct links: (progasm) (aneros-less) (penis trigger)

    xtube often gets more traffic than it can handle, so keep trying if it times out. if anybody has a suggestion for where else to host these, let me know.

    in each of these videos i have multiple dry orgasms. most of them rate as "strong." in other words i was having an intense experience in them. in the progasm video there is also one i'd rate as "very strong."

    but, none of them show a super-O. you can't tell from the outside what is going on in the inside. for me a super-O has two salient characteristics: full body and knocks the reality out of you. the orgasms in these videos were definitely intense, but, they didn't have those super-O hallmarks.


    p.s. i hope to expand the series with videos of: ksmo, prostate cradle, slightest touch and maybe nipple orgasms.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Darwin!

    You're one brave Dude!

    It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it! You are always on the cutting edge of experimentation here, so I should have expected you to take the lead for the greater good!

    POINT OF INTEREST: In actually seeing the POINT YOU CALL THE "penis trigger", I can see the point I referred to in our e-mails was a different point an inch or two further down the shaft! That's how I was able to hang my testicles out of my gym shorts and still contact it...

    I also know the " penis trigger" as well, but now ALL is cleared-up, thanks to your video clip. (I can use the gym shorts to rub this area as well and keep my hands free for nipple play...)

    As you say: "you can't tell from the outside what is going on in the inside", but these videos should aid very well in showing what can be seen!

    I look forward to the videos you mention for the future, I am very familiar with these!

    Later, Pal

  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Hey what happened to the first 2 vids? the penis trigger works. but the first 2 say unavailable.
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hi Darwin,
    I can't tell you how much I commend you for making these videos. Your Progasm video is very similar to what I experience. I am fascinated (and a little jealous) at how much you can achieve without the aneros even inserted. This video was the most intriguing in a way. Thank you so much for sharing this with this forum.
    Very Best regards,
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    no need to worry, working now.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Darwin.
    Congratulations on your bold move. It sure takes guts to post your videos! Hopefully you will inspire others to expand their horizons.
    Take care,
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I am again impressed with your efforts to expand the boundaries of your own experiences and your generous willingness to share with the other members of this community. 'darwin' , as you are certainly one of the veteran leaders of this site, you continue to add to the pool of knowledge into which we followers enjoyably swim. I salute your courage to make these videos and look forward to further educational videos.

    I would like to be able to download these onto my PC so I can burn them to disc, is there a possibility of doing that through this site or another file sharing site ? I'm sure other users would likewise like to have this visual record always available for personal reference/review purposes.

    Thanks again to you for sharing this experience. I am truly amazed (and envious) at the rapidity of your ablity to get into the orgasmic state, I wish I were this well "re-wired".

    Good Vibes to You !
  • Darwin,

    Now we know for sure that those elevator orgasms were for real and that it didn't have to be up very many floors.

    After seeing those videos, I am reinstating my sky diving challenge. I am sure that you could pull it off!


    Seriously though, thanks for the great contribution.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    sorry to disappoint but all the videos show me somewhat mid-session. i had gotten warmed up a bit before i turned on the camera. (that is why, for example, i didn't have to lube up the progasm, but just applied some fresh internal. it had already seen some use earlier).

    about downloading, the progasm video is also on YouPorn (search for "aneros") and it looks like they support download (in flash flv format if that helps). if there is demand i can also upload the other two.

  • gourdygourdy
    Posts: 20
    well that takes some balls to post.

    Im definitely not that mobile when im in that state, but i feel ya.

    I havnt yet hit a super o with the me i need more of a subtle aneros like the standard unit or even the helix. For me the progasm is like using a wrecking ball to knock down a popsiclestick house.

    I do like the progasm, but more because it is so easy to get strong feelings from. Its like i hardly try with it and i can keep it going for hours. Just no super o's from it yet. Mabye im putting too much contraction into it.
  • darwin --

    What a revelation! Not at all tongue in cheek, I'm glad to see where I can post my own naughty videos. UTube is where I'd really like to see your Progasm video. It would really make Verizon VCast subscribers totally freak!

    On my monitor at least -- 19" flat screen at that -- it appears somebody has cut off your head. Thought you'd want to know.

    Getting on to truly substantive issues, at first I remarked that it sounds like a ghost is haunting your anus -- then I realized you must be using groans and grunts as part of your experience -- is that correct?

    Another question - I am surprised to see that you are actively using pronounced pelvic motion and espcially contractions. It seems to be working for you. And while it is true I made he connection to the beginnings of a super-O only when I added subtle penis stroking, I had read that super-orgasm generally occurs when one is still and allows the biomechanical muscular feedback loop to engage and mount on its own.

    So -- I know your notes said this Progasm session was not a super-O, but my questions are:

    1. Did you or do you get off doing what you did?

    2. Am I mistaken about conscious pelvic / anal motion being a no-no?

    3. Does this kind of motion lead to a super-O?

    4. Do you typically stop this kind of motion once the super-O begins?

    In my admittedly short time working with Aneros, I have experienced some pleasure from conscious motions though nowhere near as pronounced as yours. Mine are warm-ups, and typically any markedly prounounced motion thereafter is due to a suddenly spasming muscle -- usually a major contraction of anal muscles. I find your technique very interesting and think I will have to add an audio track to my next session.

    (To be honest, apart from partnered sex and EXTREMELY VIGOROUS masturbation, it never occurs to me whether I make any utterances or not. And then I recall how the next time I saw a "straight" guy I had had sex with in his Manhattan Upper East Side studio apartment, he told me his neighbor three floors down on the other side of the light shaft asked him the morning after our toss in bed whether he was keeping some kindn of bear or other wild animal up there.

    I honestly had no idea! Must be my spirit totem or something!)

    Thanks, darwin, for some very instructive and provocative videos!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    to answer your questions, the thrusting you see in the video is a result of the orgasms, not the cause. it is involuntary. the cause of the orgasms was subtle internal movement and mounting arousal.

  • Interesting videos. By the way, after viewing the videos the .flv files can be saved from your browser cache and played back using free flv player.

    Anyway, what intrigues me is that these dry orgasms don't seem to involve an erection! I guess we are all different. I get the most magnificent erection and my dry orgasms are extremely intense pleasure throughout my whole body, the pleasure in my super-erect penis is intense beyond words. And these orgasmic states last for up to half an hour at a time. Then after a few minutes I start all over again and again and again for two or three hours on end, but my penis remains rock solid all the time, with or without prostate massager inserted.

    I place one hand over my testicles gently pushing down, with my thumb around the base of my penis against my pubic bone. With my other hand I massage my pubic bone with the tips of my fingers. This draws the intense pleasure in my erect penis into my abs. From there I massage up towards my navel, drawing the pleasure further up my body, then on to my sternum which I massage with the tips of my fingers while lightly touching my nipple with my thumb. I can even continue drawing the pleasure up to the front of my head! At the same time the pleasure is all down my legs so my entire body feels like my penis. Then I swap hands and repeat over and over in indescribable ecstasy. Now and then, between swapping hands, I pause and hold the sides of my penis between my fingers and thumbs with both hands and massage deep in the base, very slowly and up towards the head and back again. The whole experience without ejaculating leaves me energised ready to enjoy it all over again as often as I like.

    My most extremely intense orgasmic states are when I’m more relaxed and breathing deeply and slowly with very little movement at all, and I feel as though I’m dissolving into a higher dimensional continuum of utter bliss. Even “super-O” seems inadequate to describe it. I’d call it a “hyper-O”. If it were any stronger I think I may not survive it!