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  • I was wondering- I had a new sensation recently and I thought it would be nice to know if others shared it.

    I havent used the aneros in a while, but recently when I clench my PC/sphincter muscles and concentrate on my prostate I have been having orgasmic sensations that flood my whole body. Is this abnormal?
  • That sounds like Darwins glossary definition of a chair orgasms.

    Once you begin to become multi-orgasmic you can pretty much have orgasms anytime just by concentrating.
    And if this is abnormal, then who would want to be normal. :lol:
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    I wrote about these several years ago now, in a post entitled Aneros the Only Way to Fly? now in the B's Best of BEELINE thread. I've written about them several times since and although I like the term "chair orgasm" more often I use the term going a cappella as these orgasms are not limited to any location .....they can occur anywhere!

    Yes, these orgasms are completely normal, particularly for individuals who are in the process of rewiring or who have been rewired by prior Super O experience. Convulsions, I'm curious, my recollection of you is that you were still on the path with this. This must have been the most intense experience yet with or without the that correct? If so, I'm really happy for you!

    Do tell...

    BF Mayfield
  • B mayfield-

    To answer your question, I wouldn't say I've experienced a super-O via aneros means prior to my recent experiences. I would say im still on the path and exploring my sexuality, trying to get over emotional hurdles and such. I've been trying to practice KSMO protocol on a regular basis as well.

    But to be more detailed about the most vivid memory I have- I was lying in my bed (suprisingly, on my side like the aneros manufacs recommend) a little earlier than I normally sleep. I was just relaxing and I noticed that if I contracted, I could feel my prostate (or something that felt good) tingle. I just did a light contraction and held it, while simultaneously trying to 'wiggle' my prostate mentally. It felt like it was slightly moving with my thoughts and it was a movement that was new to me. Shortly thereafter, I felt a gush of something sweep over my body- it took my breath away. This lasted for a few more moments, and after that I lost control of it and the feelings and arousal subsided.
    I was excited by this great feeling and tried to replicate it with vigor the days after, but it didn't seem to work as well. I attribute that to having the mentality of 'trying to force it' to happen, and the frustration that accompanys it is likely a negetive feedback loop which is bad. Another possible explanation is that my body needs more time to recharge after a good thing and I've been trying to overstretch it.

    On the plus side, even now, I am getting some sweet vibes from trying to 'pulsate/wiggle' which contracting my PC which I believe could translate into orgasms if I wasn't worried about a quiz I have tomorrow for organic chemistry.

    well, I look forward to discussing further.
  • Yes, these orgasms are completely normal

    Mayfield, completely normal sounds boring. It's more fun to be abnormal.

    more often I use the term going a cappella.

    Yes, I like that term better, I'll start using it.

    in a post entitled Aneros the Only Way to Fly?

    Well I was flying home today and thanks to Darwins idea I was flying first class all the way a cappella .
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    Were you haveing some sexual fantasy as you felt this? I can actually ejaculate without touching myself BUT not at will & not often (1-2 times a month) by just thinking. The mind can be a wonderful sexual tool & I wish I good do it at will but I can not.

    Can just learning from the aneros do this? Can you actually get your prostate excited on it's own? If you can I envy you. I want to learn to do it too, please keep posting as I have read it is possible.