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I was VERY wrong
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    I was very wrong in many things I have posted (not about the aneros) but in judgeing anyone who I have no right to judge, please forgive me saying only a bi or gay can find it interesting. I appoligise to everyone on here.

    I do honestly believe the aneros is a wonderful way for anyone to learn about there bodies in a very special way. Straight, bi or gay whatever GOD made you its wonderful to learn about your body & the wonderful feelings an aneros can open your world to enjoy. I have to admit that ONLY the aneros can work in the way it does. ITS NOT made for gays & bi's but for everyone to learn & enjoy. I am very willing to leave the forum as I was so wrong & may have hurt many of you in some way. I am planning to order the Helix to see the diff with my progasm??? If im fogiven I will stay & try to control my crazy ways. I honestly think I was upset at ME as I posted.
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Of course you should stay and be part of the forum!

    Be sure to share your aneros experiences. It's great to see each person's progress and I wish more folks used the Blogs to record their journey.


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Leave the forum....nonsense! You are welcome here. As you may know this forum is well known for the civility of it's members. As much as possible, it's important that we all work to preserve that. Of course things can get high spirited from time to time. Differing and controversial points of view are welcome here too, so you need not feel like you have to stifle your thoughts and opinions. The essential element in all of this is that we communicate in a respectful and sensitive way with one another.


    BF Mayfield
  • geewizgeewiz
    Posts: 8

    Hey Dude, you didn't hurt my feelings, you just tweaked my regard for posting truthful info. Anything relevant to the Aneros experience is worth YOUR posting, be it humorous, sad, informative or whatever. As long as your not makin' up stuff or talkin' about stuff you don't know about, I'm cool with it! Keep on Postin'
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Canadian,

    it's seems to me that this forum is all about freely sharing advice, experiences, opinions, and feelings.

    You clearly had a strong feeling and chose to express it. And yeah, maybe it ruffled a few feathers out there. But you're not the only person who's ever felt the need to vent their feelings in the forum. After all, anal/prostate play is a highly controversial subject/experience. It's bound to bring up some powerful emotions, both negative and positive. The important thing is, the issue was (and will continue to be) thoroughly discussed and explored in a friendly and mature environment.

    I think that, if anything, you've only helped strengthen this community by showing that we don't all have to think and feel the same way in order to get along. We just have to respect each other. Your apology has shown that respect. As far as I'm concerned, the matter is settled and you still have a lot to offer as a member of this community.

    Personally, I hope you'll stick around.

    Best Wishes,