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orgasms on request
  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    I've been using the Aneros in the form of the MGX for several months now and I must admit I can't get enough of it .The most amazing sensations I've experienced with the Aneros makes conventional orgasms through penile stimulation rather mundane but penile ejaculation with the Aneros inserted is electrifying,and the amazing thing is that after ejaculation I can just carry on having anal orgasms which is amazing because after conventional penile stimulation and ejaculation I would lose my erection and desire for a while,but using the Aneros I think I can keep highly aroused and orgasmic almost indefinitely.Does any one else find this fantastic stamina through using the Aneros.
    Also I would love to hear your comments on anal orgasms at will.I ask this because in the last couple of weeks I've found that for no reason at all I can be sitting down,either driving the car or watching tv and all of a sudden I will feel that lovely tickling sensation starting in my anus to my surprise so I thought what the hell , let's see what happens if I do the contractions,and wow;Icould feel an orgasm building until it washed all through my body.I am over the moon.I think I'm at the point where I can get an orgasm without using the Aneros in me.Has this happened to any one else,please let me know as I find the thought of being able to orgasm without any stimulation very exciting.I must admit I have become addicted to the Aneros.It has become a bit like a drug and I think my body craves it ,so if I can,t use it for a couple of days for any reason I think my body just substitutes it and starts to involuntary contract my arse as if to say 'come on let's have some action'.Please,If any of you have found the same thing let me know, as apart from being very excited and feeling very lucky to feel these sensations without any direct stimulation I am also a little concerned that could this get to apoint where I can't control the orgasms ,it could be rather embarrasing to suddenly start having uncontrolable orgasms in a public place.
    hoping your all experiencing your own SuperO's

    Anal fun.[/u]
  • I'll take an Orgasm and an order of fries to go please.

    I can have a chair orgasm any time just by concentrating. I can center them on my anus, penis, testicles, nipples, or prostate just by concentrating on that area.

    A lot of guys can do it, after you've used the aneros and had a few super-O's your body gets rewired and you know what feelings to concentrate on to produce orgasms at any time. The uncontrolled orgasms tend to happen to newer users or after a real intense session.

    I also agree that using the Aneros really spices up sex and gives me more stamina.

    Don't be embarrased by having orgasms in public, think of it as a nice way to spice up the day. If anyone asks why your so flushed just say you don't feel well. :wink:
  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    Before I ever knew the word "aneros" I have been able to orgasm (I mean ejaculate) without touching myself by useing my mind & just thinking of a sexual situation, but rarely, maybe 2 times a month if lucky. Since I have the my aneros it has not changed much for me in that way but the aneros has hepled my to get even better feelings at times, I only wish that I could get that dry orgasm I read about on here as I know I have come so close to enjoying a few times since I got my aneros.