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Frist Try
  • Jimbuck57Jimbuck57
    Posts: 2
    I received my Helix yesterday and was looking forward to giving it a try. I have ready most of the post and thought I knew what to expect.

    I had a short time to use it and was somewaht rushed. I know now that was a mistake.

    I preped with a quick cleaning and was off. I injected about 3oz of lube and covered the helix with vaseline. I layed down on my right side and inserted it. As adverised about halfway in, it was sucked right up. I lay there for a few minutes breathing and just feeling the sensation.

    After about 10 mins, I started to clench my muscles to get some movement. I varied the speed of the movement. What I did not do was hold the clenched muslces for a very long period of time. That was mistake number one.

    After abut 10 mins and no real pressure or anything, tired one of the other postions. I got on the floor and leaned on the bed, spread my legs and cheecks and start again. Again, I did not hold the contractions long enough. I did get a lot more movement and could feel the pressure. What a very enjoyable feeling. I worked like this for about 10 mins and could feel something building pressure but nothing more. I did touch and stroke a few times and that was a mistake. After about 20mins in this position my hips started to thrust to increase the pressure and movement. Still no other involuntary contractions or anything. The feeling was very intense, my breathing quickened and almost a feeling of fustration came over me. It was at that point that I was out of time nd completed a manual ejaculation.

    Lessons learned, 1 - It does work and the feeling are intense. 2 - do not rush. 3 - do not be selfish and just want to finsh by hand. After finishing, I was sweating buckets something that I did not notice at the time. Also, about 20 mins after, my legs began to shake and i had quivers in my balls and stomach. That went on for about 30 mins. Was it realted I don't know.

    My next chance will be Sat and I am looking forward to that. Will read more and be prepared better to relax and not to rush.