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Tightie Whities Trick
  • Man's ManMan's Man
    Posts: 23
    Okay, I haven't found the position suggested by the manufacturers, one leg more bent than the other so useful. But I have just discovered by accident what is beginning to feel very nice, like being slowly screwed.

    All it is is that I decided to use my Helix with my underwear on -- and it seems the elasticity of the briefs provides ust enough resistance to finally get the Helix to pivot on the perienum tab. It's really quite wonderful, feeling that thing slip inside me, all by itself as I release even the slightest contraction -- it seems to retract and insert for many many seconds all by itself.

    This was much enhanced by spreading lube inside myself by finger prior to inserting Helix, also lubed. Before, even with big globs of messy lube all over the Helix, it was just not working -- most of the lube got squeezed outside my sphincter.

    I also finalaly realized the optimal (thus far) positions for me are:

    1) propped up on sofa arm, one leg crocked, stretching the other as far out as I can, with hand on foot. This not only moves the Helix sideways and provides extra spring withini the briefs, it also puts me in my most receptive place, with my ass spread wide as if being mounted. For a long time, I've realized that -- even though I have read most men can't orgasm in this position, it is my most erotic.

    2) Similar to above, but with hand under inside of knee joint, stretching leng and buttock as far as I possibly can. This not only inserts Helix as far I possibly can, it presses the perienum tab firmly in place, and causes the Helix then to pivot outward toward the rear and then front, causing a delicious sensation. I can just hang there for hours (with periodic lubing).

    No super-Os yet, and this brings up questions: I'm doing very subtle muscular contractions and just enjoyig them, but not sure how to frame the "mental" thing I've read about from some of you. I am attempting what I use to relax my muscles which are always very tense, due to a condition I have called "fibromyalgia" -- which causes fatigue and a great deal of pain -- for me mostly face and head pain, but actually causing every muscle to always be overly contracted (skeletal muscles must have some level of contraction or else we could not sit upright of hold a finger in place). I'm a master at muscluar relaxation simply because this is the only way to reduce my more or less constant headache.

    Anyway, the relaxation technique involves simply focusing on one body area, deep breathing, and askingi the muscles there to tell me how they really feel. The sensations generally change as I say to myself "relax."

    It turns out there are a couple body areas I overlooked -- heart (because it freaks me out, being almost 50), and -- you guessed it sphincter. I still have not been able to connect well to the anal musculature, and in fact have fallen asleep doing so. I have vastly heightened sensations down there since beginning with Helix -- and by the way I am not getting much else done because I love having Helix inside of me so much, super-Os or not. However, I can feel there is much I am not sensing.

    For example, earlier this evening, I was having a very sharp but pleasurable sensation where I think my prostate is -- though I could not discern if this was a taut muscle or perhaps tissue which was getting too much friction due to not enough lube. (That was before I prepped myself with lube and fingering.)

    Perhaps somebody can advise if I am on the right track and give some tips based on my feedback.

    I am also interested in how to keep the perienum tab in place horizontally. The elasticity of he briefs keeps Helix in the right general area, but there is much slippage sideways and I find I must frequently repostion manually. Also happens when I purposely swivel hips from side to side, eliciting sensations on the sides of my rectum and ansus. (Perhaps I can gain enough anal dexterity ot reposition teh perienum tab by contractionsi alone?)

    So anyway, if you folks can give me some feedback, that would be great. I am most interested in how visualizing the meditative / prayerlike state which is supposed to lead to the super-O (I think).

    I will say that the more practice I get, the more I am able to quite easily imagine a my dream date making love to me from the rear. This is great because I think it confirms to me that I really do want and can relate to anal intercourse and can be on the bottom as well as the top.

    (Oh, by the way, sitting here with the perienum tab jabbing painfully into my groin is actually pretty hot as well -- but I'm ready to go back to spreading my legs in bliss.)

    Thanks, men!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    dear m-m,

    thanks for the nice post and good ideas.

    i am having trouble understanding the positions you are describing (i can't really begin to visualize them). can you make another go of explaining them?

    as far as relaxing your sphincter, there are two books that cover that:
    - Anal Pleasure and Health, Jack Morin
    - A Headache in the Pelvis

    i am very interested in your management of your fibromyalgia as i have chronic pelvic pain syndrome, which is similar but in the pelvic floor muscles, and my wife has fibromyalgia.