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Helix goes to the dentist...
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Today I had a dental appointment. Out of devilment/curiosity I decided to take Helix with me, in the appropriate place. As I arrived some 25 mins early (traffic wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated) I was able to warm up a bit in my van and had a couple of mini- Os before checking in at reception, still with Helix installed.

    Whilst I can't say, with the distraction of injections/drilling, that I had any kind of O, mini or otherwise, it was comforting and entertaining to be able to have something pleasurable to focus on and get Helix rocking away in the way it does best. At one point I was almost able to blot out the dentist's tender ministrations at my apex by zeroing in on the sensations in my base. I was even able to detect a slight leak and a few ab trembles before I was asked to rinse and depart.
    If only the dentist and his rather lovely nurse knew...

    Visits to the dentist will never be the same again!

    O W
  • :lol:
    Thats funny.
    I can imagine moaning and squirming around in the chair, the dentist would say "Are you OK? I haven't started drilling yet."