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Quick Questions?
  • So when I first found this site I thought all the toys had vibrators in them...sadly enough I was wrong when I bought one, they really should make one with a vibrator in them. Anyways I was wondering can someone have an anal and/or prostate orgasm with enough stimulation to the prostate with a vibrator? I have one that I bought from another store that is meant for vibrating the prostate and I didn't know that you need to contract muscles to archive an anal/prostate orgasm before so after I found this out I started doing this with my vibrator and I have been making progress but I am also wondering if I will only get sensations or if it is possible to achieve an orgasm with vibration. Hopefully this is possible...because I do like the vibrations better than the Aneros....but they are still both allot of fun and I am making progress as well with my Aneros.
  • I have the Hitachi Magic Wand (Massager/vibrator) and I love using it with the aneros. I also have various shapes of vibrators that I love to use. My favorite is probably having the helix inserted with a small vibrator in the handle while at a baseball game.

    I have orgasms and super-O's equally with or without a vibrator. So go for whatever works and feels best to you.