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what the?!
  • TotalNoobTotalNoob
    Posts: 14
    Hi all,

    I haven't used my helix for a while (I think about a month). Yesterday, when I had some free time, I thought I would give it another try.

    THere was a new sensation I never experienced before. In about 20 mins of pc movement, I started these full body contractions. It started off localized around my bum area, but soon I my whole body was contracting. A bit like my body was trying to push my helix out, but because of the contraction, my anus closed up and would not let it out. However, I didn't feel any tingling sensation of any kind. Actually, I did not feel anything other then my muscles contracting really hard.

    What was this? Is this supposed to happen?

  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hi, I'm also relatively new and I also experience that sensation of the aneros getting pushed but the contractions not letting it. I have experienced some true super O's and a lot of minor super O's and the contractions you describe are always a part of it. You stated that you felt no tingling but you neglected to say if what you did feel felt good. I imagine it did. I think you're on you way. Keep exploring. I find that even when I don't have an aneros generated orgasm, it still feels really good. Just the sensation of the aneros moving gently against the prostate feels so great.
  • TotalNoobTotalNoob
    Posts: 14
    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for your input.

    Did it feel good.... that's an interesting question.... I guess the best way to describe it would be that it felt "interesting". Appart from all my muscles tensing up, I did not have any other sensation... so I'm not sure if I can say it felt good or not... Oh well.... I'll keep trying... we'll see...

    btw, I found a nifty position that works rather well. I lay on my back with my upper body on my bed and my legs on a chair with my bum floating in mid air between my bed and chair. This way I am lying down and at the same time my aneros is free to move about.