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Itchy face
  • woolleywoolley
    Posts: 3
    Haven't posted in a while...

    A few months back I *thought* I was having full-body orgasms. I was wrong.

    I'm pretty sure I'm having them now. It would be cool if, in a few months, I have to move the goalposts again.

    When I'm really rolling my body quivers, like I'm a bowl of jello being jiggled. Unfortunately my face gets really itchy, especially around the nose, but generally all over. Not necessarily to the extent that I need to scratch it (although definitely that's a part of it), but it's an unfortunate annoyance. Oh well.

    These days I start with the MGX for about an hour, then I shift to the Progasm and ohmygod. I still use vibration, although I can get mini-O's without vibration. Towards the end of my session I've been lying completely flat, put on a pair of briefs, put a vibrating razor handle (no razor of course) above and below my penis, and it feels like I'm getting a blow job while my body is rolling through the progasm induced bliss.

    Anyhow...anybody else get itchy face?
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Hi Wooley, I also experience tiny, distracting, pinpoint-like itches here and there on my face mostly and, to a lesser extent, my legs. I had figured that it just came with the territory along with all of the other strange occurances, like spams and quviers etc. Evidinetly the nerve bundle/s we are playing with are connected to much else in our over all systems. It is a bit annoying when I am focussing on some really nice sensations to have these tiny, but too noticable sensations calling out for attention, perhaps they will stop happening. Thanks for asking the question. grateful