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Refractory Period
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    Has anyone notice a change in their refractory period since using the aneros? I certainly understand that ejaculation is not the goal here but I believe there has been a change in that ability.

    Last night my wife and I did the progasm route and while I'd prefer not to finish off it seem her goal is to get me off. The prograsm certainly milks it and normally that would have knocked me out and had a good nght's sleep. Well in about 20 minutes we were in bed and the sex urge was so great I had to get up and ended up masturbating in the bathroom. About two hours later I woke up sporting some serious wood and was stroking it as I awoke. I kept it up and would have finished but the wife was starting to stir!

    Point being that would have been the third ejaculation within 2 and a half hours. As somebody almost 50 that wouldn't have happened before the aneros use. I'm wondering what the connection might be?
  • robobirobobi
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    I'm 30 and I find the same thing...where it used to take me 20-30 minutes to "go again"... I can go 5-10 minutes later.

    My theory is that the aneros is exercising a muscle and conditioning everything down there and thats why we can go again and again.