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Cleansing help needed
  • BelterBelter
    Posts: 1
    I am having trouble with, of all things, getting a good rectal cleanse. There seems to be an infinite supply of material in there, and even with multiple rinses with a small bulb, it never gets completely clear. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Generally there is not an "infinite supply of material" in the rectum, but there may be, what appears like it coming from your colon. One of the tricks that I've found is to use the least amount of fluid that will do the job. Using more than is required often times stimulates the colon which starts emptying waste into the rectum. Once this happens you're pretty much committed to cleaning yourself out entirely...which is not what you want to do!

    The method then becomes using a very small amount, say 4 fluid ounces and seeing if it is sufficient to move waste out. If it is not (nothing comes out and you're certain that there is something in there) wait a couple of minutes then try again. Commonly if you proceed with one enema after another it will have the effect of initiating peristaltic action in your colon. So let your system relax before attempting it again. Likewise if you did clear some material out and you're wanting to "check". Give yourself a couple of minutes to relax before attempting this. Again use the least amount of fluid to check as well.

    One last thing...the temperature of the water that you use is VERY important. This can be tricky. Water that is too warm or too cold can result in more waste ending up in your rectum. I like to use water at a temperature very near to body temperature. Cool or cold water can shock your rectum causing cramping. Water that is too warm can cause the sphincters to completely relax allowing the waste to move down line. So keep this in mind.

    Modifying your diet by adding more fiber can also play an important role. By doing this, one becomes more regular so that you will come to know when your are empty and when you're not. In some instances this may make cleansing unnecessary. Secondly, the addition of fiber also facilitates a more complete evacuation of waste from the rectum. (Fewer stragglers..)

    BF Mayfield