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got to the bridge
  • scrubscrub
    Posts: 2
    last night I got to the bridge but couldnt felt soooo good but it was like somthing was missing (penial stimulation)....i felt on the verge of orgasm but couldnt get it...not dissapointed but felt somthing missing...
    any comments? :)
  • gratefulgrateful
    Posts: 51
    Hey Scrub, Did you get where you did after reading BF Mayfield's posts in the Bee-Line? If so, just relax and enjoy while you continue to pursue what you have going. You will cross over soon enough. For me, penile stimulation is not on the same track as the Aneros experience. I don't know how it is for others, but unlike coming up short while heading for a penile orgasm, the process of pursuing the MMOs and Super O doesn't leave me frustrated afterward (maybe longing, but not frustrated). It is strangely satisfying in and of itself. I have masterbated conventionally afterward and, of course, it is good; but it is not the same kind of release. You are in a very different realm than you have been in prior to now. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes. It seems to me that you are on a great trajectory! grateful
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423
    I read a lot of the posts before I even purchased my Aneros, I was particulrly impressed with 'B Mayfields's posts and the info. in his Sticky's. I began my journey with modest expectations and was pleasantly surprised when I had my first super-O, as I was just enjoying the learning experience (it's still ongoing), the feelings, how my body was reacting, how I was able to manipulate the Aneros, I really wasn't "expecting" the super-O when it arrived, but when it did, WOW, like Mayfield said after he first eperienced it, IT changes your world view! 'Grateful' is right "You are in a very different realm..." and his description of "...longing, but not frustrated" was very nicely phrased. The re-wiring process make take some time, if you follow up on 'darwins's posts you will appreciate the effort he has put forth to find the super-O. If you read many of the past posts you will see very few new users have a great deal of success right from the start, I think I had about 20 sessions before my breakthrough to the super-O, but every prior session was enjoyable in and of itself. Let the longing provide the incentive toward learning the steps you need to arrive at the super-O, it is worth it, besides the ride is enjoyable even when you don't get the super-O (it doesn't happen every session).
    Good Vibes to You