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  • wetworkswetworks
    Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. First time post here, and I could use some help. I found this site awhile ago and have been on the lookout for an aneros in the local sex shops for quite some time and only recently did I find one. Well there were other brands, and only 1 aneros so I purchased that one not even thinking to do a bit of research. I'm very new to anything involving the male gspot and wouldn't you know it, but I go right for the big boy, the Progasm!

    So my first night I get it home and with my trusty new bottle of lube, I somehow manage to get it in and realise..... it's big. And I have since been unable to duplicate this astonishing feat. One time I tried I ended up tearing something and started to bleed so I've been very skitish on attempting with any sort of force since then.

    Is there anything I can do to help ease this? I am planning on buying a smaller model if I can find one, but in the mean time I would like to actually make use of it. Any suggestions?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    First of all you should never proceed to the point of pain with any anal device. Stretching is one thing, tearing is quite another. At this point I would allow yourself to FULLY heal before attempting any kind of insertions at all!

    In my review of the Progasm in the sticky thread The Next Gen & Progasm Reviewed above,, I made the statement that this device requires aggressive lubrication. What I was getting at of course is that you MUST pre-lubricate your anus and rectum with a small amount lubricant AND also apply copious amount of lubricant to the unit itself before insertion should be attempted. This not only facilitates the insertion, but allows for the optimum performance of the unit as well!

    Furthermore, I stated that I had found that inserting the Progasm in a spooning or scooping motion was far preferable to attempting it straight on. The reason for this has to do with the fact the massager is not uniform in size and has a large angled tip, that requires angling in, if it is to be accommodated comfortably.

    When you are healed, and up to revisiting this, keep these things in mind.

    Before you use the Progasm again, you might also want to consider preparing yourself for the experience. A warm bath or shower, followed by some gentle anal massage. Make it soft and sensual, the aim is not only to relax yourself back there, but to get yourself aroused. Have fun with it and go slow! IF YOU FEEL PAIN....STOP!


    BF Mayfield