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Back track?
  • AnerosUserAnerosUser
    Posts: 16
    So latley I have been having unsuccessful attempts with my Aneros. Im not getting discouraged because I know it will happen again. But in all honesty I am still un sure what I am doing wrong. My first guess you can call it Super O was fantastic and I really wish my leg didnt get a cramp lol. But like I said my last few attempts have been let downs. I do everything the same and maybe I am just not in the right frame of mind. But I have some questions which I know might help my future success.

    #1- Im using "Wet" the water based lube, I know outside giving you the runs after a while of use it's not to bad. Would this be a right choice for a lube?

    #2- My first success was laying on my back, I actually enjoy this position best and being new I find it more comfortable. I know the instructions suggest laying on your side, but to me that just breaks concentration. Is this position maybe not my forte?

    #3- It seems the P-tab might be on the right spot but I am still getting accustom to the new feelings so I may not have quite nailed it yet. Is there anyway easier to find the "Sweet Spot"?

    #4- After insertion I lay there for a few minutes, I've grown accustom to
    it being up there so it only takes me that few minutes to relax. Should I wait longer?

    #5- I start with mild contractions and some light breathing. Now Here's what might be the problem, and I've read the sticky's on this but maybe I dont get it. I contract in like trying to stop from taking a leak and hold it for as long as my muscles will let me. Sometimes this feels pretty good but nothing to get over excited about. I have only had one time where it felt like the Aneros took over. How can I get the involitary contractions to take over?

    I know you should stick with success but I've read so many great things about the helix that I want that to be my next investment. Im currently using the SGX, I was able to purchase the Eupho but after reading what B Mayfield said as an expert weapon I will upgrade to the Helix and save the Eupho for when I get more experience. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,410
    I think you have correctly identified your problem area. Holding a hard contraction will make onset of "involuntaries" difficult. You want to perform actions which encourage the "involuntaries", try to relax a bit more. You'll find this tip in advice from 'BF Mayfield', namely, establish a low level baseline contraction level for yourself. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being anal muscles fully relaxed and 10 being fully clenched and contracted, I find a level of about 1-2 works for me. What you will want to try is to drop back to this baseline contraction level, after going through you warm-up contractions. I have found that trying to manitain this baseline level while doing the breathing exercises is what gets my "involuntaries" going. I hope this helps.