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after ejaculation
  • hoodleehoohoodleehoo
    Posts: 18
    After you ejaculate is it possible to use the aneros? I don't mean immediately after, but say you did a few hours earlier when normally it would take another day to get another penile orgasm. I don't much have the desire for a penile orgasm, but the thought of the aneros experience seems very desirable.

    Of course I haven't gotten mine yet, so I haven't used it.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,095
    Really, this all depends upon your level of arousal. For some people this is possible.

    Not that this is typical for me, but on several occasions I actually had Super O's shortly after ejaculation! This of course is further evidence of the separate nature of these physiological responses. Generally, I like to recharge after my sessions, allowing some space in between.

    BF Mayfield