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brand new, no success yet.
  • litlleredlitllered
    Posts: 2
    hi all! i'm brand new to this whole thing, it's a lot more serious than i thought. i got interested in the massagers because of prostate problems, and e/d brought on by a combo of things, bp medication, antidepressant med, and hrt (androgel topical testosterone) being the largest contributors. i got a helix a few months ago, and while i do get interesting sensations, i find i can't get an erection with this thing in place. i also found that i was able to have orgasms even tho my penis was completely flaccid by rubbing the frenum area lightly w/ my forefinger while contracting my anus. this was a revelation for me! i saw the websites for the british ones, and thought because of their more aggressive design, i'd have better results. not so. i ordered a glide, and in trying it out, i found it wouldn't even stay in place, a strong anal contraction would force it out, and send it clattering across the floor. in fairness, after several emails expressing my dismay, they agreed (at my suggestion, not theirs) to sell me a different model at a discount. i subsequently recieved a titus, no improvment, the severe angles and kind of pointy features of these things hurts in addition to not being effective. so, back to the h. i find it the most comfortable, i read the post about using your abs when u think you're using pc muscles, maybe something there. i always thought i had really strong pcs. anyway, forget about super o's, for now i'd be happy to have a good solid hard on. and avoid cancer. i've had 2 biopsys (spell chek) in the past 6 months, 1st one showed hg pin cells, 2nd was normal. so, this is a learning experience big time, but then that is what we're here for, isn't it? (oh, i almost forgot, the perineum tab is way uncomfortable, i read some of the modification stuff, anyone replaced the tab with a spherical bead? 8 to 10 mil would seem to be about right. thanx in advance, one of the things that most impresses me is what a caring & supportive community this forum is.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Whether you intended it or not your post is a cautionary tale for those who are thinking about buying prostate massagers from other sources. As I've said before, it appears that these other companies out there approach the design of their products from the perspective of people who've previously made dildos, butt plugs and other adult novelties. I've checked many of them out myself, and it's pretty obvious that they don't have a clue. Most of this stuff is ridiculously conceived, poorly executed and some of it appears downright dangerous.

    By contrast Aneros originally came at this from the health perpective and it's pretty clear that those ideas still underlie the development of all of the products that they make. As a devoted user for many years now, and having had some contact with these people during that time, it is apparent to me that health, safety and increased sexual potential are what they are all about.

    I read in your comments that you referred at one point to the "h"....I'm assuming that you have a Helix? While most users have liked the tab configuration on this unit there are some that have found it too aggressive. As you mentioned they are several users who have proposed "workarounds" and modifications to make it more comfortable. I'd try the workarounds first of course before doing anything more permanent. I'm not aware of anyone replacing the tip outright with a ball end although it might be possible to fashion or fix something on the end of the tab with a "hot glue gun". The advantage of using this is that many times it can removed later by gently rocking it off. Perhaps a large plastic bead?

    For reference, Aneros does manufacture a model with a ball like tab (the Progasm), but the unit itself is approx. 30% larger than the Helix and is considered more of an advanced users model.

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    litllered, Rumel here, Thanks for the response on my post, your right about this forum being a supportive community. My own biopsy is scheduled for next Tuesday, and I am not looking forward to it, though I recognize the necessity. I greatly appreciate the information I have been getting from this forum as it tempers the anxiety and fears that I am experiencing.

    I am a newbie like youself, and I too suffer from E.D. due to high blood pressure medication, bummer, as a result of frustration about no longer being able to engage in traditional intercourse, I began looking for alternatives for sexual release, whereupon I stumbled across the useage of the Aneros massagers. I have had my Helix and MGX for about a month now and have experienced one Super-O (posted under the sticky "My First Super Orgasm..."). I have modified both my models by truncating the curley-cue tails, additionally I have modified my Helix by adding a 1/2" (12mm)diameter plastic bead that I cut in half and hot-glued to the the P-tab. I did this because on the Helix model the P-tab wasn't quite hitting the area of my perineum sweetspot. It was after I made this modification that I had my first Super-O with the Helix. I haven't been able to repeat the experience yet but I am hopeful it will happen again.

    As far as the comfort of the P-tab goes, I too found it uncomfortable at first,(felt like it was pinching me), but now find it much more tolerable (inured usage). While it is not in and of itself pleasureable the sweetspot pressure point is necessary to create the feedback sensory loop necessary to generating feelings leading to the Super-O.

    As far as your journey on the learning path, I highly recommend that you read the sticky "B's Keys to the Backdoor" by B.F.Mayfield as a starting point for learning what this is all about. The forum of course also has a great deal of information, tips and techniques that you may also find helpful. Heres wishing you an enlightening (and fun) journey and good health.