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Will someone marry me to my Helix?
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    OMG! Where do I start? I'm 56, in a separate bedroom hetero relationship, (we both snore!) Sex has been out of the equation for years. It's never bothered me as I get more of a buzz from serious, prolonged, intense edging than I remember ever getting from sex, though I do miss the touching, kissing, hugs, smells (pussy!) etc.

    I have been interested in my 'nether regions' more or less since puberty. I've never explored the full potential however, just played around with home made dildos, small vibrators and a custom adapted 5" vibe thickened with layers of insulating tape with a condom over the lot. It ended up looking like a very large pointy egg with a vibe through the big end! The closest I got to any "experience" was, recently, with the small vibe after reading topics on muscle control here on the forums. Having followed instructions and lubed it up I did get a previously unfelt sensation. It was a bit distracting, though, having to hold onto it with finger and thumb to stop it getting sucked in...

    So I finally took the plunge and ordered a Helix. I'd agonized between that and the Progasm but the consensus here seemed to suggest that the Progasm is an 'advanced' tool. Maybe for later...

    The logistics of getting the Helix were a challenge as I couldn't let my partner know. She had a previous who wanted things 'shoved up his bum' and she thought he was turning gay. She did, though, tentatively stick an unannounced, unlubed finger in my ring once or twice, which, honestly, was a bit offputting at that precise instant, if you know what I mean: Ah! Aah! Aaah!! AaaaH!! Oh, god what's that!?...

    I digress. The logistics... I had the Helix sent to my mother's telling her it was a computer part and that 'the missus' wouldn't be in to sign for it chez nous. I did have the horrors that she might forget, (she's a bit absent minded at 85), and open it anyway, ("Is this USB or Firewire, dear?") but all went without a hitch. I couldn't wait! I set off for a secluded car park, put a 2hr ticket on the van, lubed up the Helix and settled down on my side across the front seats, (yes fully clothed!), and pretended to be just any joe having a sleep. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I couldn't even feel it, hardly. After an hour and a half I gave up, took out the Helix and went home.

    A bit later on I was sitting on the edge of the settee with my laptop (OT Anyone else here use Macs? My Helix matches my iBook!) on the low table in front of me. For some reason I just tightened up my anal sphincter (or 'ring' as it's affectionately known in England) and immediately got spontaneous twitching down there. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that so went and put the Helix in. Pretending to read a book, (the missus was in the room working at the desktop iMac - it matches hers too!), I lay on my side on the settee and gently went to work following, by memory, the info I've picked up here. (thanks B Mayfield et al) After a short while the involuntaries kicked in and I felt the Helix doing what it does best. What can I say? It was quite surreal laying there feeling waves of pleasure and warmth wash over me and wanting to moan and writhe a bit with J sitting not 8ft away with her back to me.
    I feigned sleep for a while to continue in peace feeling the Helix rocking back & forth against my prostate. The first one was amazing! A sensation out of this world. I will never forget that first reflex induced stroke across my prostate! I was only able to get 5 or 6 cycles at a time before loss of concentration or tension would stop the process but it was enough to encourage me and increase my impatience for bedtime! I found that if I lay and mentally searched for and centred on the sensation of the perineum tab at rest I was able to kick start involuntaries immediately. Perhaps I was subconsciously tightening/loosening something to feel the tab which flicked the switch again, so to speak. That kept me busy till dinnertime, but I didn't want to sit on it through dinner so took it out.

    I had a brief spell with it during something boring on TV after dinner, again lying on my side and feigning interest in the TV. One fascinating thing that happened is that when J asked me something about the TV program, my answering her triggered an immediate wave of pleasure that started in my (cramped!) toes and finished in my scalp. I can only think that a) the resonance of my own voice was the trigger, (I have a fairly deep voice) &/or b) the change in breathing pattern to speak was responsible. Fortunately I was able to pass off my distraction by telling her I was slightly stoned.

    Later, after impatiently rushing around doing the pre-bed chores, (walking/feeding dog & cat, making tea, etc) I retired to my solitary bed, put a condom on my flaccid penis to collect the pre-cum (more on that later) & quickly lubed up my pre-warmed Helix and gently pushed it in. It stung a bit as I inserted it with the stinging continuing up into the rectal walls. (My ring etc was still tender from abuse with the 'egg', [* hums J Cash 'Ring of Fire' *] used in anticipation of the Helix' arrival. I must have overdone contractions/bearing down, ineffectually trying to elicit something from it. Never again!)

    Once settled down on my futon mattress I tried to emulate my, earlier, slightly uncomfortable position when lying on the settee, lying on my right side with my torso raised as I was on the arm of the settee. Whilst I got some tingles and twitches, (God I love those twitches!) I didn't get that recently familiar and yearned for rocking, until I turned over onto my back and raised my knees. Oh wow!! Almost immediate twitches, slight mental centring on the P tab and I was off. I felt that little Helix rocking away within a minute of turning onto my back. At first I was a little distracted by the curly handle between my cheeks and pressing near my tailbone but as the ecstasy increased its sensation diminished, then reappeared, ostensibly inside! Not really I know, but I'm wondering if the handle was actually doing the job of the Progasm's K-tab. I carried on for approx two and a half hours. Left side, right side, (oddly the right side didn't work so well in bed). After about two hours I noticed that the flub-flub of the Helix along my prostrate was almost getting uncomfortable when I was lying on my back, but if I concentrated on relaxing my rectal muscles I could improve the sensation. I'm still learning to isolate rectal/anal/abdominal muscles so trying to ease off the rectal would sometimes result in the anal sphincter getting relaxed too much as well. The sensation of the rocking Helix was much better on my left side though not so easily triggered.

    I was starting to get somewhat tired after my marathon as I'd been at it off & on for about 12 hours since collecting the Helix from my mother's. I hadn't had anything that I would have called a Super-O but I'd had some mind-blowing, never-felt-before sensations. One thing that's interesting, I never felt frustrated at something 'not quite getting there' as one would with a conventional orgasm. Each wave of pleasure was different in its own way and just left me warm & wonderful. Wanting more - yes. Frustrated - no.

    Anyway, as I said, I was feeling pretty tired by now so decided to finish for the night. For some years I have masturbated using a condom, mostly ribbed &/or dotted. This came about after realising, after many years, the shortcomings (pun!) of my circumcised penis. A small amount of KY and water, &/or some pre-cum, in the tip of the condom and I could edge for hours just working around the glans, frenulum and corona, with the occasional long stroke or three to keep things interesting. This technique was added to much later in life when I got hold of a small vibe from a vending machine in a pub gents toilet. (US Restroom lol). Sex shops where I live are very few and far between and I'd never dared to venture into a high street Ann Summers to browse their range. I was also able to get ribbed-only condoms from the same source. With the vibe in place in my unlubed (to reduce the chance of it getting sucked in) rectum, edging took on a whole new dimension with every stimulation induced contraction transferred to the buzzing vibe and creating the most wonderful feelings. Never orgasmic in and of themselves but the feedback cycle could be induced to be quite incredible in its intensity, with the final orgasm being fantastic as everything tightens up and grips the vibe. The vibrations transferred to the contracted sphincter and rectal muscles created waves that could be felt down to my knees and up into my abdomen.

    Oh god, I'm seriously digressing again, sorry. Back to my first night with the Helix.
    So with copiously pre-cum lubed condom, laying on my back and with the Helix still in place, I slowly started the stimulation in the tried and tested way, working my glans and corona. I'd never, throughout the whole session, got any erection to speak of but as soon as I started direct stim...Wow! I can't remember ever getting such a fast hard-on. (US - boner). Over 15-20 minutes I edged, glorying in the new sensations generated by the Helix and when I finally ejaculated it beat, hands down, any previous 'vibe-up-bum' orgasm, inducing twitches and trembles all along my stretched out body with the orgasm itself seemingly never ending. I can't say that the quantity in the condom was any different, but I had masturbated the two previous nights. My impression was that there was a much longer and tighter build-up before the final release which, as I said, seemed endless.

    The following day was really strange. It was like a new space had opened in my lower abdomen/rectum. I had a constant awareness of how everything 'down there' felt warm, tingly and sensitive. The slightest anal contraction (kegel?) would induce small flutters and trembles. My penis, too, felt more sensitive without the oversensitivity that can sometimes result from extended masturbatory sessions. It may be my imagination but it seemed larger in its flaccid state. (I am pretty small when flaccid - and erect, come to that - so any change in that direction would be welcome, though I have no expectations.) I went through the day walking on air and less susceptible to everyday stress, almost as though I was a bit stoned. (Actually I had, *cough*, partaken, inhaled even Bill, the night before but this feeling was far above and beyond that) I just felt totally mellow and that nothing really mattered. I experienced a change in attitude, somehow, feeling happier and at peace. Someone here used the word 'empowered', I think that's relevant. I am a recovering alcoholic and I can safely say that I didn't once have a craving all day. (If the Helix only did that it would be worth its money, but it does Oh! so much more.)

    As I was supposed to work the next day I had vowed to go straight to sleep that night but as the forecast was bad I decided to have the day off...
    ...and that meant getting the Helix out for:

    Night two!

    I initially made the mistake of assuming that I knew it all. I slid in the Helix, (Ring of Fire much better thanks Johnny!) and lay down. I can remember lying there almost thinking, "Come on, you know how it's done, get on with it!"
    Once I became aware of my disruptive thought process and returned to basics things became better. I experienced wonderful mini-Os which, seemingly, started in, or above, (could it be the curly handle?) my anus and blossomed throughout my abdomen. Several times I had sensations that emanated from my feet and lower legs, slowly climbing my spine, via the abdomen, to my chest, face and ears. Yes, ears. I hadn't a clue what Helix was up to, I was lost.
    I once had, what I can only describe as, a mini Super-O which, I think, (memory's a bit vague here) started in my feet with a warmth and heaviness. My toes seemed to be aware of non-existent stimuli and then a warm, trembly sensation slowly rushed (contradiction I know, but it's the only way I can describe it) through my thighs, abdomen, upper body and head and ears and out to my fingertips. At some point I was aware of total darkness behind my closed lids (normally one is aware of some vision even behind closed lids) and overlaying the darkness, or maybe within it, I could see, not fireworks but, intense bright stars twinkling and pulsing in time with my racing heart.
    At no time was I aware of thrashing or growling. Good job really as we live in a 32ft trailer with only a very thin wall between my room and J's! Never mind rocking the bed, there's a whole trailer to shake, lol. Who knows where I might have gone without that inhibition lurking in my trembling sub-consciousness?

    After deciding to end on a high note last night's entertainment was brought to an end as per night #1, again with a massive orgasm that seemed to climb higher and higher before the final trembling release.

    I'm sorry that this has been such a long first post. I needed to tell someone of my experiences and here I can pour it all out to guys who know where I'm coming from. (Pun intended)

    If it's OK I'd like to post my future experiences and voyages with my Helix. Is it better to add to this thread or to start a new post? (Forum etiquette)

    Notes to self:

    Experiment sometime with adding a small ball-bearing held on with insulating tape, or bead tied on with thread to the curly handle. Any others with experience in this? Could it have been stimulating the K-spot?

    Never, ever use that wretched egg-vibe or oversized foreign objects again. I must respect and love my ring-piece and its environs. They are a source of great pleasure.

    Encourage J to visit relatives. I need that absence of inhibition.

    Save up for Progasm. Maybe with my previous anal experience I could have started with that. Comments? And which way round does the Progasm go? Are the photos the wrong way round compared to the other models?

    Experiment with lubes. I don't much like KY for anal use as it goes sticky. It's fine locked up diluted in a condom for penile. I used E45 cream the last 2 nights which is thinner than vaseline. Do you get E45 in the USA? Mucus would work quite well. Difficult to get up 'there' though...
    Interestingly I have found in the past that I am able to produce, from a clean rectum and under stimulation from a vibe or dildo, virtually smell free mucus. More comments?

    Mysterious note to all: Not once did I get the fabled hard erection with Helix stimulation alone. Nor any erection to speak of. Is this 'normal'? Age related? Comments please

    Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to all who have posted here and given me a) the will and inspiration to buy my Helix and b) the info I needed to make it work. I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I have been able to get results. Roll on Saturday night. I must work tomorrow so Helix is getting a well earned rest tonight.

    "Do you take Helix to be your lawful wedded..."

    "YES! YES!"

    "With this 'ring'..."

    Old Wolf
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi Old Wolf,

    Welcome to the forum! I enjoyed reading your post and got some good chuckles out of it! You’re well on your way.

    In regards to posting about your future experiences, I’d recommend that you copy this entry and start a Blog (check out the Blogs link). You can easily keep a record of your experiences there. The forum is typically used for asking questions or offering tips.

    There’s basically two ways to use the Blog:

    1. Create a new blog entry each time. This allows users to comment on a particular entry if you choose to allow them to do so. The Blog Manager allows you to quickly jump to, edit, or delete previous entries. Viewers reading your blog can quickly see and jump to the other entries that interest them. If you have additional experiences about a given topic, you can add comments yourself. For some reason though, comments are not editable once they are saved so if you want to fix a typo or clarify something you can't.

    2. Create one blog entry and add new entries by adding comments. The benefit here is that all of your entries and user comments are in one place. Users don't have to click around to read your story.

    I use the first option primarily although I've added comments to my other entries as well. It's your blog, use it the way that it will help you the most.

    In regards to using the Progasm, it is the largest model and has a maximum diameter of about 1.25". If you can comfortably handle that, then go for it. If you are not sure, then you may want to order some less expensive butt plugs in different sizes to see what you are most comfortable with. If you end up buying a "jelly" plug be sure to use a condom with it since the material is porous and can be stained.

    The shorter tab on the Progasm is for the perineum while the longer tab is the K tab. All of the pictures that I've seen show it facing the same way as the other models. Some users have experimented with putting it in backwards. This gives you a different sensation and can also stimulate your sweet spot if the perineum tab doesn't appear to do so.

    There are lots of discussions about lubes on the forum. You can review those to get some ideas. I personally use Maximus and on occasion Albolene. Maximus is very thick and does not contain glycerin which can give you the "urge to purge" as others have mentioned. I haven't heard of E45 before.

    In regards to the anal mucus, I see that as well sometimes if I'm using a dildo or a butt plug in an in/out motion. It scared me at first. I remember thinking "This can't be good." Since I've become an Aneros user, I rarely use dildos or butt plugs anymore.

    Please keep those details coming. They can help you reflect on what you have experienced as well as help others.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    (this post was edited 2007-05-14 09:08:09)

    Old Wolf,

    Congratulations on your results (and the taking of your "vows" lol) as revealed in your wonderfully detailed post! On the Progasm, sounds like you should be okay with it. With respect to Onthepath's advice about checking out various sizes of butt plugs first, that might work too if you're really concerned about it. One thing I would caution you on are the "jelly type" butt plugs that he suggested. I've enjoyed these in the past myself as they are soft and pliable and farily easy to insert. Unfortunately most of these jelly type products are made with pthalates (an organic compound that accounts for the soft jelly like property, but IS NOT friendly to the body). The dils/plugs containing pthalates have a characteristic smell that's hard to miss. Another type commonly seen are made from vinyl. My experience with these are that they dry out extremely quickly with water based lubes making removal a problem. The best dils and plugs are composed of silicone. Unlike the liquid silicone of breast implant notariety, this silicone is non-pourous, very smooth, and practically inert. You can even put these in your dishwasher! (Top rack!) As you might expect, they cost more too.

    On lubrication I would add that you can use a keyword search in forum search, or if you wish you can check out my thread "B's Best of BEELINE" in the above sticky section. In it there is a post that I had written some years ago entitled "the Long and the Short of Lubrication" which goes over many of the alternatives. It pretty much ends with my own discovery of Maximus (a good one to be sure). Since that time another product called "Boy Butter" has gained a lot of fans here in the forum as well. Boy Butter is a hybrid lube of sorts, containing oil, water AND silicone lubricants mixed with 3 different emulsifiers and is purported to clean up well with water!

    With respect to the having an erection as opposed to being flaccid during a Super O, this varies from one person to the next, and sometimes from one session to the next. In my own case, erection is pretty consistent with the Super O, although I've had quite a few without it. However, I know of many users who've never had an erection with a Super O. So don't let this concern you. Follow the sensations, enjoy yourself and allow things to reveal themselves to you.


    BF Mayfield

    P.S. I assume that this marriage of yours has been properly consummated by now...?