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Update and Questions
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hi. Since I last posted, I've had some really enjoyable sessions the Helix or the Progasm. I have not achieved another Super orgasm until today. I always enjoy the sensations so much that I never seem to mind if the super O is achieved or not. Today's experience was different and if has caused me to wonder about a few things. I was having a great time enjoying all the sensations I was getting with the Helix but I was having the feeling that I was so close to going over the edge without being able to actually go. I decided to remove the Helix and insert the Progasm. I layed on my sided with my knees bent and within moments the pleasure within the prostate intensified. I started breathing hard, then started groaning out loud. The involuntary contractions took over and the most intense feelings came over me for over a minute. This time, however, there was no shaking all over my body at all. All of the sensations were very focused within the pelvis. As a matter of fact, I would say that they were focused entirely within the prostate, rectum and anus, but it still felt as though a serious orgasm of sorts was happening. I had no control over the rectal contractions and just submitted to how great everything felt. At the very apex of this climax, my whole body tensed up. I was breathless and my anal/rectal contractions started to involuntarily push rather than squeeze. I tried for a moment to take control and tighten around the Progasm but I couldn't manage it very well, primarily because I was in the throws of ograsmic bliss. As every muscle in my body tightened up completely, I was aware that my stomach muscles, in particular were extremely contracted. I was groaning loudly as the last few intense orgasmic waves came over me with a tight involutary push at the anal area and the Progasm actually was almost completely expelled. I grabbed it just in time before it slipped out completely. The whole experience felt beyond great but it was unlike any aneros session I have had before. This orgasm was more of a rectal/prostate/anal event in terms of where the intensely pleasant orgasmic sensations were centered. I did NOT ejaculate, nor did I have an erection. My questions for you more experienced (or for anyone who cares to comment) are as follows:
    1- What kind of orgasm was this? A different kind of Super O? Something else? An anal orgasm? I can't identify how I brought it on. It felt like the Progasm took over.
    2- Though I always enjoy myself, I cannot achieve an aneros induced orgasm every time. Sometimes I'll have 5-6 sessions in between without having one. In those cases, I ultimately masturbate with the aneros in and it feels great. I am unable to identify what I am doing differently on the occasions when I do achieve orgasm with the aneros. Today's experience was yet a new involuntary one but I don't know exactly how I brought it on. Any thoughts as to how to more consistently get to the super O with each use? I read posts from some of you who claim to reach Super O every time, sometimes within 10 minutes. I would love to be able to do this. Your thoughts are most appreciated.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    (this post was edited 2007-05-11 11:13:05)


    First, congratulations on your success! By the way, I enjoyed reading your first thread some days ago. With respect to your question about what one would call this prostate centered orgasm that you experienced recently, well, it was an orgasm that was centered in and around your prostate so I guess you could call IT ....a PRO-GASM! In essence it's just a Super O that is more pelvically centered. Generally Super O's come in all sorts of different flavors and sometimes there's no telling what direction they will take. Frankly, it's part of what keeps things interesting. For more information on this, check out my sticky thread above entitled B's Key to the Backdoor.... There is a post that is about the 3rd or 4 th from the end called Questions About the Super O . In it, I give some basic parameters on what a Super O is and is not.

    In terms of becoming more consistent with your sessions, this is largely a matter of experience over time. Most people who are new to the Super O will have inconsistent results initially. The truth is that it can be really disconcerting. It's like your saying to yourself,..."hey..what gives here,...I thought I had this now I've lost it ?" In my own case, I actually had a Super O the very first time that I used the Aneros and then couldn't replicate it until months later. Talk about frustrating! Well that was many years and many orgasms I'm here to tell that it changes and you too will become more consistent.

    In regards to what accounts for one variety of Super O over another, that's harder to say. For a long time I tried to isolate that, and while technique can play a role, I tend now to think that arousal is the biggest factor. This is where mental focus really comes into play; in generating the arousal to begin with and then channeling it through the abdomen (2nd Chakra) for the "global liftoff". Regardless, of what experience you end up having, you must remember to be open and accepting of everything that comes your way. Again more experience is key here...learning more about your own body, the subtleties of sensation and the various paths to the Super O.


    BF Mayfield
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Thank you BF. I appreciate that you responded and I'm grateful for your encouragement. - Ken -
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Ken!

    Good to meet you!

    Just a couple of comments that may help . . .

    I have been having multiple O's for a while now. (Super and otherwise...) and I seldom have body shakes or erections with them. Also, I don't have O's on-demand either! Very few can turn it on, like a tap??? I think...

    IMHO, I think most of us that do have MMO's have them part of the time and I have even had what I call "Dry Spells" (where I have no Super O's for a period of time...up to a month or so) But when I have a "dry spell", it is almost always followed by a newer and higher level of orgasms! (Sort of: up a notch to a new and better plateau..,) I think this quiet period is to adjust the body to new skill levels and further re-wiring is done)

    Well worth the time!

    In KSMO practice, they would consider any good feeling or vibe like p-waves, for instance, to be orgasms! There are just different kinds and different strengths and different locations...

    The orgasm you speak of here sounds to me like an anal orgasm! (coming from a more anally centered location). I have had some magnificent anal orgasms and they unually, for me, then move forward to be prostate centered and now my orgasms also include a place along my penis shaft and penis head, as well! All these (penis, perineum, balls, prostate and anus) are involved for me, but an area sometimes stands out as the center! Then it sometimes moves to another center???

    Hope this info helps???

    Enjoy your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser

  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Thank you Hlaser. I don't know that I've heard this described just that way before. One of the things that sort of bothered me was that my body literally pushed the aneros out at the end of this orgasm. It was at a moment that everything felt so great but I didn't think this was "supposed" to happen. Ken
  • Edit
    Posts: 0

    Originally Posted By: Ken50
    Thank you Hlaser. I don't know that I've heard this described just that way before. One of the things that sort of bothered me was that my body literally pushed the aneros out at the end of this orgasm. It was at a moment that everything felt so great but I didn't think this was "supposed" to happen. Ken

    I think its normal if it pops out sometimes.
    When I get aroused, sometime I will automatically start pushing down like I'm trying to push it out. It feels great but it comes out sometimes.