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Erotic Hypnosis?
  • Hi Gang

    Nothing to report on the Super O front :o(

    I am having trouble with the concept of Erotic Hypnosis. I downloaded the Strawberry Jam session. Without using the Aneros I listened to the whole mp3. Through this session I cannot honestly tell you whether I fell asleep or I was indeed in a trance. Only think I will say is I came too/woke very quickly when I realised my son would be home from school soon.

    Anyway how can you become totally relaxed and concentrating on what is said by Nikki or whoever when you have the Aneros inserted? Surely your mind is all over the place, thinking about what the Hypnotist is telling you and then the feelings being generated by the Aneros etc etc

    Can someone give me some guidance here please

    Oh I will mention that I had what I thought was going to be a full body experience the other with The Helix. Sudden urge of something very different but as usual I blew it by thinking about it. :o(

    Must remember to ignore those feelings so it increase 10 fold. Hmmm easier said than done. Guidance with that would be useful lol


  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    I am anxiously awaiting my bottle of champagne....sounds like you are getting close.

    My $0.02:

    ...set up a session where you would not have to think about your son returning ... or other issues (total relaxation)
    ...smoke a Chesterfield or two
    ...turn on Nikki and let her turn you on
    ...insert largest Aneros
    ...lose yourself (stop analyzing)

    Send bottle of champagne to Tripper

  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hi VS,

    I'm with you on this one ... i do find Nikki's voice highly seductive however trying to "lose" myself and allow her hypnotic suggestions to take over AND maintain the breathing AND have some degree of control over the contractions with the aneros in place proved to all be too much for me. So i've taken to only listening to Nikki's sessions as the prelude to anything i might do with the aneros - as an arousal mechanism only. That way i remove at least one level of distraction when i'm trying to do what Nikki is suggesting and become distracted by what is happening down below.

    I'll be VERY interested to see what her Aneros specific session is like. I'm hoping that it will link up the hypnotic suggestions with aneros activity. Time will tell i guess.

    Hornsby - still having the time of my life redefining what "arousal" means
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    VS and Hornsby,

    Tripper touched on the key here. The concept of using the hypnofantasy with the Aneros at this level is the essence of thepassive approach. The idea is to put most of the Aneros technique into the background and focus on raising arousal through the use of this session. Really,... forget about precise breathing patterns or timed contractions and just relax and listen to her voice ( with the Aneros in place).

    The way that it's worked best for me in the past, is to find a "keyword" in the script that I find arousing. As you know, if you've listened to these sessions in the past, there are normally certain words that are repeated over and over again. For instance, in one session I recall that she used the word oozing. What I did was to plant the suggestion in my mind that I would contract (PC or anal) upon hearing that word. The contraction that I used was EXTREMELY subtle. At the same time I'd inhale slightly then exhale letting out a quiet gentle moan......aaahhhhhh. I found that this would focus energy into my abdomen and pelvis and enable me to connect with what I was listening to at the same time. It's important that this is a gentle, natural, reaction....not controlled, as much as it is just being responsive to what you're hearing.

    If involuntary contractions occur, respond to them with this same kind of breath (as above) and you may also respond with a subtle gentle contraction and see where it takes you. But avoid anything that is strictly patterned and regimented. Rather, experience sensation and allow yourself to be caught up in your own arousal.

    Once again, it's essential that any of the voluntary stuff that you do be backgrounded and maintained only as natural response to your level of arousal.

    Have fun with it!

    BF Mayfield