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Doctor said don't masterbate?
  • I went to a new Urologist today and he said take 500mg 2x per day of Saw Palmetto, I was already taking a mens health formula with Saw Palmetto so I can understand that part. He also said prostate massages would be good, but he didn't like the aneros when I showed it to him.

    But then he said masterbating was bad for my prostatitis but intercourse is ok. This is the opposite of what my previous Doctors advised, so I've been masterbating more because I was told ejaculating would help and was encouraged to masterbate everyday if I didn't have sex.

    Has anyone else with prostititis been told not to masterbate?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,313
    don't know why he would object to the aneros.

    as far as intercourse v. masturbating, he may have had in mind that in general ejaculation is irritating, so you should do it less frequently, and only when important (ie, don't jerk off, just screw).

    i'm suspicious of all of this, but i'm no doctor.

    have you read the book "A Headache in the Pelvis"?

    these days prostatitis is often re-labeled as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. I was a serious sufferer.

    i am now mostly cured.

    what cured me:
    - my doctor is a prostate/pelvic pain expert.
    - Nortriptyline 25mg daily (a low dose of anti-depressant as commonly prescribed for neuropathic pain)
    - a massage, stretching and relaxation regimen as described in the H.I.P. book
    - possibly the massive dose of pleasure i've been directing to the area w/ the aneros and slightest touch.


  • Originally Posted By: darwin
    don't know why he would object to the aneros.

    He didn't like it being hard plastic, he thinks the prostate should be massaged with something soft, preferably fingers. He was telling me this while putting on latex gloves to give me a DRE. So I suggested he could give me a massage while in there, with no luck.
    I also printed out some info from High Island Healths website, but he wasn't interested in reading it.

    Originally Posted By: darwin
    Have you read the book "A Headache in the Pelvis"?


    I will get it and read it thanks.