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What would you describe this as?
  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hi All,

    Seeking expert/more seasoned opinion as to what i just finished experiencing.

    I was lying on my back with my feet up close to my butt (knees bent obviously). I had been doing rhythmical breathing for about 15-20 mins and had just started adding in anal sphincter contractions. Nothing to write home about yet.

    After a few more minutes i decided to hold some strong PC contractions and continued breathing. Immediately i started to feel "convulsions" building in my pelvis area. For as long as i could hold the contraction, it felt like my whole pelvis was entering into ongoing and building rapid-fire convulsions. Visually there was not significant physical movement, but it certainly felt like there was. As soon as i let go of the contraction, the feeling disappeared. I was able to repeat this 5-6 times of varying duration (between 30 and 90 seconds each).

    I would say it had a pre-orgasmic feel to it but there was no defined climax (i was still on the way up when my PC muscles were saying enough is enough) so i don't believe it was mini-O territory according to Darwin's glossary.

    Would you describe this as P-Wave territory or something else?

    It was fun - that much i know :-)

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    sounds like great progress.

    did you notice that i added Milestones to the glossary?

    I made them with the specific hope that they might answer just this kind of question.

    not to be pedantic, but i have in mind a particular milestone that i have there which attempted to capture what you are experiencing.

    can you see if you can identify it? (this will be a kind of test of the milestones)

    if you have suggestions about the milestones, i'd love to hear them.

    thanks for your help,
  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hi Darwin,

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    Yes i had seen the milestone list that you'd put in the glossary and i'd read through it with quite a degree of interest. However the reason i'd sent my original msg trying to get feedback on how best to describe what i'd expereiced was that i struggled to match up my expereinces thus far with what you had in your list.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with your list - in face i think its great. However i think perhaps it needs to be caveated rather heavily with "your mileage may vary" or similar :-).

    The reason i make that comment is that (as i'm sure you'll probably agree with), the Aneros experience is such an individual one that its probably hard to cover what everyone will experience (cos we'll all be different).

    To that end, as far as the list is concerned, i can certainly say i've gotten past the point of observing slight good feelings but i can't say i've got definte contact with my sweet spot, nor would i say i can claim a feeling of definite contact with my prostate. I certainly don't experience leakage at this point but i've never "leaked" much regardless. However what i felt the other night felt like it should be described as p-waves. However having said that i've not seen anyone really provide a detailed description of how a p-wave might manifest itself (other than it feels good).

    So i feel like i'm jumping around all over your milestone list :-)

    However having said that, i encourage the refinement of the list and maybe we could get other "experts" to contribute a complimentary list so people can do a comparison (e.g. ohh i seem to respond a little more like BF Mayfield rather than Darwin, or i experienced that stage that Pan described in his milestones) ... something to broaden out the milestone experience a little more.

    I'd be happy to discuss with you more directly offline if you wish. You can email me at [email][/email] should you wish to do so.

    Thanks again for your support.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    thanks much for the feedback.

    if you or anybody has suggestions for the milestones or the glossary in general, i'd be very pleased to hear them.

    i've modified the preamble to the milestones list to further emphasize the personal nature of the journey.

    below is the updated version. let me know what you think.



    milestones Following is a list of milestones along the Aneros journey. Each journey is personal and individual. These milestones may not all apply to everyone. Some men whip through their milestones not even realizing they are milestones. Some skip whole bunches of milestones altogether. Some men accelerate and then plateau, some men move slowly through their milestones. Regardless, the journey is well worth it. The order is approximate and is different for everyone. Where you land is the luck of the draw.