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What amount of movement would you expect?
  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hi All,

    I've just received my Helix (first Aneros product) and had a very pleasant introduction to the use of the device. (I've started a blog page primarily for the purposes of chronicling my own learnings along the way if anyone wishes to know more about the first time experiences etc).

    My question for the forum however is this:

    I was wondering what amount of movement you might expect to experience with the Helix? (i.e. in/out movement). Between using anal contractions and bearing down to aid the in/out movement, i was experiencing approx 1cm worth of movement. I had in my mind that it probably should have been more?

    By way of further detail, i had applied about 3ml of ID Glide internally and had used KY liberally on the Helix prior to insertion.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • TotalNoobTotalNoob
    Posts: 14
    I never measured mine... but somewhere around 2 cm sounds about right.... I'm relavitvely new to this mind you...

    One thing to note.... which muscle you contract has a lot to do with the degree of movement. If you look at the helix, the very bottom part of it (where the insertion part meets the handle part) it's more or less connical and it becomes an inverse cone from above that part. So, if you're contracting the muscles at the connical part, it won't move much. You have to think about contracting the muscle that's a bit deeper so that you're contracting the muscle that's at the level of inverse cone part of the helix. Then you'll notice some significant movement.
  • I use the Helix and it used to move about 1cm.
    I think the p-tab was to close to my rectum, so I modified mine and it can move up to 2cm now, but I think I keep the contractions light and probably move it under 1cm.