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no-hands, no-aneros ejaculation
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    in a recent thread i mentioned that i am intent on developing the wiring of my nipples so that i, like B, can have nipple-alone induced O's.

    in am also now in pursuit of...

    ...ejaculating hands-free and aneros-free.

    last night i basically did it (and woke up my wife with my inadvertant moaning).

    i used the techniques discussed in the "Hands-free ejaculatory orgasm" thread, in particular:
    - (i am already wired for O's even without the aneros)
    - on my back, i pulled my knees to my chest and put my not-too-hard penis and scrotum behind my legs
    - i straightened my legs.
    - (with the aneros, this position will lead me to ejaculate)
    - i concentrated on even breathing and didn't let myself start holding my breath, twitching or otherwise diffusing the arousal escalation.
    - my penis got harder and started straining against itself
    - inside, i was involuntarily contracting
    - i got more and more aroused and then...
    - i came (it felt like a full cum, but not that much actually came out).

    my next goals are to:
    - really cum a lot
    - be able to do it with just my scrotum back there.
    - get it reliable enough that i can have a "fast wank" that way, in other words, that my wank reflex brings my dick to behind my legs, instead of my hand to my dick

    about the breathing: as with the aneros, the way to best keep your arousal climbing is to keep even deepish breathing. you'll find, as B long ago pointed out, that during your inhales your abdomen will kind of shutter, like if you were sobbing. keep that breathing up!