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nothing but a sore ass
  • seung28seung28
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    I got the aneros about a week ago and have been trying to work with it but when i insert it, I feel like defecating. I try and leave it in and it feels really uncomfortable, the I'm getting a sore ass the next day.

    I'm straight and never had anything in my ass before but compared to what everyone is posting about how pleasurable the thing is, I've had nothing but discomfort. I have followed the instructions about relaxing and waiting for 10-20 minutes but I still feel like I have to go to the bathroom. Anyone else have these problems?

    I got the helix and I'm wondering if I should have gotten the sgx because I'm Asian, and have a small rectum
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    Hey there,
    I am Japanese-American, with a lovely little small bum that finds it hard to take big things, despite their promises. I bought the same model as you, and had similar problems. I tried and tried and thought it was becuase I wasn't relax enough.

    Eventually I was looking online and found another company that makes prostate toys, Nexus, and their models actually look nicer and some of them are smaller. I bought the Glide model, and so far I have had good progress with it. It is slightly smaller/more slimline, and has a ball bearing on the perinum extension whcih gives it a bit more flexibilty.

    The design is different to the Aneros lot (which are all kinds of shapes, so maybe just try another type?) but I think its (aside from the waste of money) a good idea to shop around and find a brand/model that fits you properly. It really is good once you get your body working in harmony with the device. Since every man is different, it is nearly impossible to find something that is truly a 'one size fits all'. Don't give up!

    Good luck mate, hope it all works out.
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    The device that Psun refers to is a imitation or "knock-off" of the Aneros and to be clear, the particular model that he cited, is no smaller than the Helix. Given the fact that there's a seam that runs along the entire circumference (presumably a reminant from the casting)...unless you like a "rough ride"'s not what I would call "nice". One other thing, the entire unit is canted forward...too far forward to allow for any pivoting action. It just doesn't move the way that the Aneros does. Strangely, what DOES move is the abutment tab, (the one thing that is supposed to stay put..).

    When I first examined it, I too was taken in by this ball bearing mounted in the tip of the tab. But as a practical matter it's a gimmick that made the product more difficult to use if anything. It's ironic that with all of the problems that some people have had making the tab stay put that this other company places something to MAKE it move there? Why in the world would you want a something that moves at the tip? Answer: don't!

    By the way, a (well intentioned) friend of mine was travelling in Europe and picked one these things up for me as a gift. (So I was fortunate to try it without having to pay for it).

    I would agree with one thing that Psun has said, it's important to find a model that fits you properly. In recent years, Aneros has brought out a series of different products to meet different body types and tastes. If you're looking for something smaller, the SGX is the way to go. I've read that the SGX was originally designed for the Asian market, if I were you I'd give that a shot first. Another alternative might be the Eupho, it's around the same length as the Helix but smaller in girth than most of the other models.