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Just ordered!!
  • diggerdigger
    Posts: 3
    Well after a couple of years expierementing with anal play, the other day I stumbled apon an article about prostate stimulation. Well they were talking about manually with your finger or with toys, i.e a butt plug or the likes. I have used a plug before and still do on occasion but sometimes I don't feel as if it was really doing much, except for a couple of times lating on my butt with y legs spread while masturbating and moving my hips back and forth to move the plug against my prostate. I have also thought that I was a little weird for being a hetro male and enjoying objects put in my rear end. Well after reading this forum all weekend I don't feel as weird. Except the only thing is that my wife doesn't know that I enjoy this. I think she has an idea, but not the the exctent that it is. I am quite excited right now, as I am shaking just thinking about getting my helix. I hope that once I learn how to harness this exceptional power and learn all the proper tecniques, I will bring my wife in and show her the possibilities of it. She is a more than a little conservative when it comes to the bedroom, but I am trying to slowly open her mind to different stimuli. Well enough of my rambling, I think I might need to go relieve myself from all of this excitment. I will be writing back soon to let you know how it goes. Thanks.

    "the digger"
  • liftoffliftoff
    Posts: 2
    I just ordered a Helix today after reading through the forum's posts and the testimonials praising the Aneros. I hadn't know about this device until just today, but I've played with butt plugs and manual stimulation for several years now. I've experienced what I believe are anal orgasms before with the plug - those involuntary contractions of the anus that are overwhelming and seem to never end. I'm hopeful that the Aneros will take that to a higher level still, and I'll be sure to report back with my experiences... : )

  • Originally Posted By: liftoff
    hopeful that the Aneros will take that to a higher level still, and I'll be sure to report back with my experiences... : )

    I received an MGX today. I tried it out with neutral to positive results.

    I think is like having a new job:

    1. Getting used to the work environment.
    2. Using the right tools to get the job done.
    3. Consistency is key to making the boss happy!
    4. Payday is every two weeks? Maybe super o's every two weeks...

    Anyways I hope to find this device useful in preventing future illnesses.

    *The present view of many health care related professionals is PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE. This means excercise, eating right and even keeping the prostate healthy. Take care now= less medical bills later, although some areas in America offer free prostate exams.

    I look forward to posting ideally with good news.