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always feel like im contracting PC muscels
  • Hi!!

    Im not sure im getting this right, after trying to move my sphincter i just feel its my PC muscels that pump instead.

    What is going on?!!?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320
    uh oh. don't want you to misunderstand. as a newbie, your primary mission is to relax, don't overthink, and just experiment with what feels even slightly good.

    i know this sounds like hocus pocus, but you're "training" your body to pay attention to new kinds of stimulation and sensation. some guys get it right off the bat, some take a while.

    the suggestion about isolating your sphincter is a subtle one and definitely worth trying, but don't get stuck on it. no single trick is a substitute for relaxing, breathing deep and paying attention to what you're feeling.