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wrong but good
  • oyamaoyama
    Posts: 2
    i have been using the aneros for 3 months followed all the info listen to my body(quite receptive). have got close , all the symptoms. today out of curiosity(many discoveries were made out of curiosity),i tried it the WRONG way round WOW closer still. it felt delicious, kneeling down on the floor against the bed knees spread wide, everything was there ijust need to coax that little bit more , have had involuntarys pre cum shaking achy balls. anybody else or am i wierd?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear oyama,

    You are not wierd at all! My goodness, some of my greatest strides have been by going completely off the map. One that still gets me was at the beginning of my journey, I was SO careful to provide room for the Aneros to be able to move around. What I have found is that some of my best Super O's are when my legs are together or crossed; on my stomach with my legs close together. It is all a crap shoot. You could stand on your head or hang from the light fixture, who cares? Whatever gets you there is where you need to go. I have heard guys tell stories of these wild positions that sent them into orbit only to find that my legs fall asleep or something wierd like that.

    Good luck to you and be sure to bring us up to speed with your progress. One of your unique moves/positions could help someone else along.