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next gen line...
  • Since I last posted on the thread Me and My Helix, I have gotten more Super O's than I can count. My progress was sporatic until I bought the mgx. I had new feelings with that one, all of them good. That model put me over the edge, and when I went back to the Helix, I was able to get to the super O's within 5-10 minutes or so.

    I then bought a Eupho. That model is awesome!! I feels good in there while it does its thing. And then out of nowhere here comes a series of super O's that just doesn't stop. I have to force it to stop to have an end to the session.

    I went on alternating the Helix and the Eupho with the MGX thrown in now and then. The mgx just doesn't seem to do it for me. I can start out having the O's, but after a while they just seem to fizzle away and are gone. I do notice that my perineum hurts some from the abutment tab on the mgx, so maybe I should try blunting it as other have done and try again.

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought the Maximus. It is smaller than I thought it would be, although it is the largest of those I have. I was anxious to try it that first night. When I inserted it, I swear I went into having super O's almost immediately. They just went on and on and on. Total ecstasy.

    If I had to pick out my favorite of all these, I couldn't do it. They are all excellent in their own way. I'll have to get back with you all in six months or so on that. No sense in rushing things.

    I truly wish I would've come upon the Aneros sooner. It is such a great product! I think some of my problem at first was understanding what it was I was feeling. The sensations are way different than what I had experienced before. Guys, don't rush things. Don't look for what you've known in the past. Concentrate on the pleasure that you are getting from the Aneros to the exclusion of all else while you relax. Go into each session with no expectations, and ride it out. When it happens for you, you'll know. You won't have to ask if that was it, believe me you'll know.