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A newbies experience so far

  • I got a Helix about a week ago. I have followed the instructions and tried out many of the tips and tricks posted here including the breathing exercises. Other then some mild leg trembling (which didn't last very long) i have yet to experience any of the major stuff reported here.

    Hopefully I will get to there at some point. In the meantime--and what I really wanted to mention for other new users and those interested in the product-- is that I am quite enjoying the feelings and sensations I am getting from it anyway and so I will continue to use it.

    BTW, I have seen a few posts asking about sleeping with the Aneros and going out with it. I've already done both. I didn't experience any type of orgasm and it might contravene the main purpose of the Aneros but I really enjoyed the sensations none the less.

    I will keep you posted with any further breakthroughs.