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Helix Experience
  • I'm new to this product line and forum.

    I just ordered and started trying the Helix this week. In all, I've had 5 "sessions" so far.

    I'm sure people will either encourage me to keep trying or shut up but I have to say I'm horribly disappointed.

    I'm a very healthy person with a strong sex drive, of average height and weight and extremely open to sexual experimentation. I read these forums and several others across the internet months before buying and during my trial of the Helix.

    That said, I have to say that I've experienced NOTHING remotely pleasurable using this device. I've set the mood, quieted my mind and generally prepped my mind and body for relaxation during each of these sessions and zippo was the result each time... I have great muscle control and believe I've clearly understood the instructions and advice proferred on this site relative to letting the device do the work along with your muscles....

    I've had several very gentle prostate massages in my life and have always orgasmed and cum like a madman... With the Helix I got nowhere close to even a nice sensation.

    I am deeply frustrated by this experience but am open to suggestions on how to get something out of what I would now deem a toy.

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    I'll just encourage you to keep trying. You obviously have not found yet what works for you. Every man *can* do this, but it involves a lot of relearning and overcoming. I've been on this journey for two years now and still no super-O but a *LOT* of extremely pleasurable sessions. So patience is advised and the road to the goal is just as fun as the goal.

    P.S. I certainly would not tell you to shut up :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2006-10-14 13:07:38)

    Fleshjoe has this right. This does take time and patience to develop. Unlike your previous experiences with prostate massages, the Aneros is a far more passive process. Whether from a friend, lover or a professional skilled in "bodywork", an administered prostate massage as you've described involves a certain level of arousal from the get go. Arousal like this takes some time to develop when utilizing inanimate objects (particularly something designed like the Aneros). Futhermore, (at least in my experience) the Aneros is more subtle than any of the prostate massages that I've had

    Given your previous experience, it would seem natural to assume that the Aneros would work in a similar way, producing similar results in a given amount of time. I suspect that one of the hurdles you will have to overcome is in setting aside your established concept of prostate massage and opening yourself up to a different experience. This will likely take more than a handful of sessions to achieve.

    In all of this it is important to remember that this is not a process that you are going to force. A great deal of it involves developing a different awareness of your own body and yes, learning some new skills as well.

    Give it more time...

    BF Mayfield
  • EnemagraEnemagra
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    judging by most of the posts of this website, it seems like 9.9 out of 10 people (definately including myself) feel nothing but dissapointment on their first sessions, so the good news is youre right on course!
  • jb2006jb2006
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    My fear is that if I do somehow get any/some/alot of pleasure from the devices, (I have the Helix and the MGX), I would not remember what the f**k I did to accomplish it and be right back to where I started.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2006-10-15 10:47:34)

    Originally Posted By: jb2006
    My fear is that if I do somehow get any/some/alot of pleasure from the devices, (I have the Helix and the MGX), I would not remember what the f**k I did to accomplish it and be right back to where I started.

    An interesting observation and yes it is possible, frankly....likely with some users that they will not have a clear recollection of the steps that inevitably led them over the top. This was how it occurred for me. As a matter of fact, my first Super O really cleaned my clock. I was fuzzy in the head for days after.

    The good news is that thereafter one has a sense memory that may help out if one knows what to look for. In some ways it's like the trail of breadcrumbs left on the ground from the old fairy tale. But just like in the fairy tale, the path may become easily obscured (watch out for birds!). If one is in this place, it's a better idea to focus on sensation, rather than become cognitively engaged in every possible step that you may have taken (that is, unless you are absolutely certain what those steps were). The sensation of the Super O has a signature all it's own, once you've experienced it, just thinking about it and reliving the memory...may illuminate the path for you. This is particularly the case with advanced users who are eventually rewired by the repetition of the experience. With such individuals, given sufficient arousal and concentration, they are very often able to initiate the orgasm with very little else required.

    As I've previously described, my first experience with the Aneros ended with a Super O. Thereafter, I went on a 6 month hiatus where I couldn't get anything to happen. During this period I went over each and every step that I took (or so I believed) examining every possible permutation. Unfortunately, by that time the I'd finished with all of my obsessing with my technique, the trail of breadcrumbs (which I had largely ignored) was gone!

    So in some ways, I had to re-invent the wheel for myself. After adopting a beginner's mind, putting the failures and yes, even the one achievement behind me, I was able to once again find the path. I must admit, that even after this second event I had no clearer sense of the steps afterward,..but what changed for me this time was that I really looked to the sensation of the orgasm itself, to give me clues.

    BF Mayfield