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Newbie sorting it out

  • I have been a proud owner of an MGX for about three weeks now and have been reading this forum when I can since ordering it. Living in a busy world, I have only about once a week when traveling to spend time learning how to use my new toy.

    Well so far, in my three sessions it has been a learning experience with the first two being quite uncomfortable. The third was more interesting and I'll go into detail shortly. My first two sessions involved way too much pressure from the abutment tab. It seemed that once inside, the MGX 'went to ground' and the tab was just stabbing me mercilessly. Despite my voluntary contractions to get the thing moving, it felt like it was simply stuck. I reached around and kept two fingers on the handle to be sure it was indeed moving... it was. The discomfort from the tab was just too distracting. The other feeling I couldn't get over was the unrelenting urge to urinate.

    Session Three

    I spent considerably more time doing everything by the book for my third attempt. I followed the instructions to the letter and did things that I assumed during my first couple of tries assumed were unnecessary; waiting the 20 minutes, breathing deeply... listening to others and following their advice. It helps.

    A couple of things that made a difference for me...

    Getting vaseline as the base lubricant before applying KY Jelly. The KY tends to break down after a while and tends to migrate where the vaseline stays put.

    Breathing. Why didn't I bother doing the deep breathing before?

    Keeping the tab dry and adjusting it to the right spot before starting.

    Changing positions periodically just to break things up.

    While I can't say I had a life changing experience, it was definitely better and more enjoyable. There was a brief period when I first started that I could feel light pressure on the prostate but I wasn't conscious of it for very long. The first 20 minutes were spent getting used to the full feeling and breathing; slow, deep and deliberately. Next came squeezing the muscles to get things moving; breath in during the squeeze and breath out during the relaxation. I had begun on my right side and stayed there for about 30 minutes before rolling onto my stomach.

    I lost track of time shortly after that but when I rolled back to my right side, I grabbed a pair of satin panties. Since it is a particularly strong fetish for me, I used them to turn it up a notch by rubbing the material to my lips, cheeks, throat and nipples. It wasn't long before I noticed a feeling of heavy pressure behind my scrotum which I assume was the engorgement of the prostate. I kept changing positions from side to stomach to back as the mood struck and even gabbed my ankles and pulled my knees to my chest once but that was just not comfortable.

    Toward the end of my session, I had a time where I noticed that the MGX was moving with particular ease and rhythm. It struck me as unusual because I had twice had to adjust things to reallocate the lubricant and make things smoother. Now it seemed to be almost a mechanized feeling so I stopped to see what I could feel. There was no trace of involuntaries but there what felt to me like my pulse and it was.... well, pleasant. I tensed up and held the MGX as high and long as my muscles could do but there was no real change so I went back to the rhythm.

    The other odd thing I experienced was sudden light-headedness and rapid breathing but it happened so subtly and was so short that my brain only realized what was going on once it was over. This happened twice and both times I was like, "...hey, that might have been something interesting" but it was as if I were groggy and slow to figure it out.

    Eventually, I looked over at the clock and realized that I was two hours and ten minutes into the session. It was getting late and I just knew I was going to be really sore when this was all over, so I stopped. Remarkably, the next morning I had no side effects and no sore muscles. I can't think of any other activity that I could do for that long and not pay some price the next day.

    While there was no release and I can't say it was particularly pleasurable it was a learning experience. I'm going at this without a particular goal in mind and just take the new feelings as they come.

    I guess I'm a little concerned that I really don't feel any particular sensation on the prostate itself. Or none that I am able to discern. This may be something that I'm too impatient about but I expected more awareness that the prostate was being manipulated. Maybe it is and I'm not conscious of it but I can't help feeling that the MGX is missing it somehow. The doctor is much less subtle and I know without any question when he hits it and I don't want that feeling but more feedback would be nice. I have tried pulling the handle back toward my spine to encourage the head forward into the prostate but I just don't notice the difference.

    I'm patient but I would love to hear the thoughts of those who have been there before me.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Sounds like you are making good progress. By the way, of all the Aneros models, the MGX perinium abutement is the most aggressive. But, you will adjust to it....and, in my opinion, it may help move things along the super o path. Also, I have found the MGX to produce the most responses from the body so far....although that can be an individual/personal conclusion.

    I also wondered if any contact was being made to the prostate by the Aneros (I started a couple of months ago) but now, my personal philosophy is that if involuntaries, shaking, or any other interesting phenomenon starts....that means you made prostate contact (as well as perinium contact and other get the ball moving in the right direction).

    So, with that philosophy, look for new roadsigns along the way. If you see them (which you will), then you are doing the right things.

    Wishing you great success!

  • I have had four more sessions since my first post in mid-October. The most recent one was today and I'm experiencing some more sensations but I wouldn't call them contractions.

    During today's session which lasted just short of two hours, I spent a majority of time moving between very heavy contractions and very light twitching motions. I have been able to get what I described before as almost a "pulse" sensation and at times it clearly was a pulse because I could feel it in rythym with my heart. There were other more pronounced times when it was faster and clearly muscles firing but with just enough intensity to feel it.

    I still don't feel any pressure or sensation from the MGX to my prostate (internally) but I have stopped worrying about it. Aside from the "pulse" sensation in the anal walls near the rectum, the only other thing I can describe is a brief sensation of something akin to the sensation of having someone dissolve an Alka Seltzer tablet on your skin. This was muscle movement, somehow, and it didn't last long but it was there 2-3 times.

    My own observations are that I need to do a better job of deep breathing and learn how to do a better job of getting involuntaries started. My natural reaction during a muscle squeeze is to tense my whole body and hold my breath. I repeatedly had to remind myself to breath during all points but the automatic systems just don't do well with suggestions. Today I found a position for some light voluntary muscle movement that seemed to foster the generation of those pulses. If I layed on my right side and rolled my hips back to the left with my left foot on the joint of my right knee (yeah, I know... hard to visualize), I could feel those pulses easier and setup some kind of high sensation area.

    If I can just figure out what I need to do (or not do) to turn those pulses into something more... I may be on to something. Each successive session gives my nervous system something else to digest and understand and I clearly feel more and different (although quite subtle) sensation each time.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    I can relate to almost all your observations and progress. By the way, it does sound like you are making good progress.

    Many threads and posts say not to think about or even seek the involuntaries. They are interesting but not necessarily tied to achievement of the "o". And, more importantly, many folks never achieve involuntaries but do make their way to the "o".

    If you are finding some new Aneros effect every other session that sounds positive.

    Keep trying those new positions. That moves the Aneros into different placement versus the prostate.

    Like you, I keep getting all these new Aneros effects which keeps the road interesting.

    I guess at some point down the road you or I will get thrown across the room when the Aneros finally takes over by force instead of subtlety. Or, as some threads have discussed, get a pleasure wave moving across the body.

    Keep going!


  • I gave the "insert and then sleep" method a try last night. I didn't think anything would come of it since I didn't really do any preparations other than cover my MGX in vaseline, slide it in and go to sleep.

    I woke up (half-asleep/half awake when it happened) about 45 minutes later with my heart beating hard and was alarmed that I was having a heart attack. I quickly sorted out that I was experiencing what were clear involuntaries and strong pulsing from the anal walls.

    Things calmed down in just a couple of minutes and I nodded off again. The same thing happened a while later (no idea of the time) and I was better prepared for it. The experience was a little longer and I was able to contribute by squeezing and I also found that relaxing the muscles like I was trying to get the MGX to fall out.

    I didn't feel anything else magical for the rest of the night.

    It was not a Super-O but I suspect it is a taste of things to come. That experience has told me that anyone who tries this thing better have clearance from their doctor because it is going to be a work out when you get it right.


  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Good signs. Keep going.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I couldn't agree with Tripper more. I have not had much luck with the "sleeping with it in" method, but it sounds as though you are. I think it would be great. Keep us posted.

  • I put the MGX in a closet for the last year and gave it a rest. While I was making some progress, I had such infrequent opportunities to drop out, tune in and turn on that it just got put aside for a while.

    Tonight I set aside the entire evening to relax and get back into my training.

    I started off slow and by the book, turning off all distractions. I started on my back, moved to my side after about 20 minutes and eventually ended up face-down bouncing my hips off the mattress. The thrust bounce didn't really offer much to my penis but created a motion that was clearly discernable on the prostate. There was some reaction but after a while it was time to change positions again so I went on my back with the intention of trying the SLINGSHOT.

    I didn't have the leg strength to try it for long so I ended up with legs in the air and the soles of my feet together. I used this as an alternate and switched between the slingshot and 'feet together' trying to spawn some involuntaries. At some point I felt what I assumed was trapped air escaping past the MGX as I brought my legs down for the slingshot. I was on my back, knees bent and feet flat on the bed when I suddenly felt my glutes shaking. My legs were pretty tired from holding the different positions so I thought it was extreme fatigue. The shaking worked up my thighs and out to my knees and my lower back. I was stunned at the level of shaking and realized that this could be some sort of p-wave or other desirable outcome. When I caught on that this may be a 'good thing,' I started breathing deeply and moving my knees apart and bringing them together slowly. I was able to affect the level of shaking by the position of my legs and if I remained stationary it would eventually abate but I could egg it on by moving my knees one way or the other.

    The feeling was a tingle at a minimum but at the top end of the shaking it was like hooking a 24v DC battery to your large leg muscles while you drive down a bad dirt road. I would not describe it as a sexual experience but I had three erections come and go during this event. The more I tried to slow things down and breathe, the better my control.

    It lasted for just short of 35 minutes. After all of this I had to get off of my back and rolled to my side and took a break for a few minutes and tried to start things over again. No luck from that point on but I was pretty tired by that point.

    I know something happened but what did I do and what should I try next time to help things along? I didn't expect anything to happen after a year off so it was a pleasant surprise.