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finger stimulation!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    uh oh, i've discovered something new (for me).

    i'm reading the excellent book "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Jack Morin.

    as a result, i've tried touching my anus with my finger, exploring and stroking. (i know some of the guys on the forum have long since done this exploration, but many of us haven't).

    i don't know if it was this way before being "wired" but, as much as i hate to admit it, it felt really really good. there were spots there that responded incredibly to the delicate touch of my finger. i found myself applying the kinds of tricks i reserve for my wife. i was climbing towards O, flush, shallow breathing etc. had a light-O.

    position: in bathroom behind locked door, lying on my back with my legs on the toilet seat (closed), and my finger approaching from behind my right leg, not between my legs. (i started out between my legs, but, to get good access that way you need to really bend your legs to your chest, which is tiring.)

  • lyspanlyspan
    Posts: 9
    Can you give some detail about your experience and technique to get you toward the O with finger stimulation? I am completely frustrated with the Helix. I've been using it for a year, get so close, but can't seem to get to that super O like I did twice with the MGX (I regret tossing it out 1 year ago this week).

    I was on a week long business trip last month and experiemented 4 straight nights with the Helix. I tried all kinds of new things but only ended up frustrated afterwards (and not to mention, irritated with getting to bed after midnight each night). At one point, I tried to find the sweet spot manually (I was wearing a rubber glove). I found something, but ultimately lost it. My expectations were a little high going into the week (hadn't orgasmed in 7-8 days in the hopes that the super O would be easier to achieve). Alas, no luck. Sometimes I'm right there, but just can't seem to get over the edge.

    Any additional details on manual stimulation would be great.

    Looking forward to your feedback,

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312

    this was a non-aneros experience.

    i stimulated my anus with my fingertip. by anus i mean the outside part.

    i did to my anus what i like to do to a woman's clitoris. for example, i focused circular strokes on particular spots that asked (begged) for me to continue. after a long time there, i found that reversing the direction of the circle would bring a fresh level of intensity. etc.

    i hope you try and enjoy this. but i have a feeling that this won't kick you over. i'm so sorry that your four day effort wasn't fruitful, and that you're stuck. i've been there. you've probably seen my other posts. how about... buying another mgx, or trying KSMO (will take some effort, but really helped me get unstuck) or for bigger bucks ($140) getting the Slightest Touch? If you're really close but just can't get over, that is what the ST was designed to help (for women, but it works for us too).