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Different technique
  • someguysomeguy
    Posts: 1
    I have had my Helix for around 6 months now and while I tried the advice detailed here I could not have a Super O using this technique.

    However, I have found a technique that works for me and thought I would pass it on in case it helps anyone else who is struggling.

    I do all the usual things, deep breathing etc while lying on my front with my feet a few inches apart. I find it helps if I hold onto the head board. I then gently shake my legs together and I find that this stimulates my prostate. I get the usual response of beating heart etc and continue to shake my legs and tense my arms and stomach and do a kind of full body shake. I then let the shaking take over and it can be become very vigorous indeed.

    The trick then it to keep breathing (sounds daft but by this stage you will be fairly out of control)while letting the waves wash over you.

    The first time I got these feelings I had to back off as I could feel the blood rush to my head and was worried I would burst something *chuckle* but I tried again, more determined and aware of what would happen. This time I could feel the sensation building and for about a minute my abdominal muscles tensed and I clamped onto the aneros inside me.

    Then, and I am not sure how, I let the feeling build up and kind of willed myself to ejaculate and eventually did. After this I was absolutely shattered.

    All I will say is I need to feel very frisky to be able to do this. It either works or not and you know whether it will or not.

    Hopefully this is of some use to someone. I found just lying there got a nice response but the above is incredible.