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try soft palete nursing
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,313

    i've been trying the aneros and other "tantric" techniques on and off for a long while.

    i've had trouble with the aneros because i can get chronic pain in my pelvic area, and it seems to exacerbate it.

    so, i've been exploring a similar thing, but, without the aneros. the main site for that is ("multiples" means multiple orgasms.) the techniques used there are more traditional tantric, focusing on breathing and vocalization. as B Mayfield so cleverly said, the aneros is like "tantric training wheels." by having used it, i had prepared my body for being able to do without it easily.

    well, i'm proud to say that, after this long time, i've finally HAD THE BIG NON-EJAC ORGASM today. well, many of them that is. it was great.

    anyway, i think the thing that put me over the edge was a suggestion on the multiples forum, called "soft palete nursing." Here is the description:

    Begin with deep slow breathing, mouth closed, tongue full (touching top and bottom of mouth), teeth slightly separated... Now, ever so gently, create a suction that presses the back of the tongue against the soft palate and, after a while, let chin fall and rise as if nursing.

    All i can say, is i don't know WHY that drives pleasure so well, but, i can tell you, it really does. I know it seems ridiculous, but, hey, having a piece of plastic up your butt isn't much less.

    so, you aneros guys might want to try it.

    i suggest doing it every other or every third breath

    the other keys for me are:
    - slow relaxed breathing, where i feel the pleasure particularly at the full inhale and full exhale moments
    - keeping my body really relaxed. try to gently supress all that jerking and reaching. just let the pleasure be expressed through the breathing and... the nursing.
    - and, let the pleasure be drawn up from your genitals into your chest with each breath

  • Edit
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    Great technique, the nursing reflex seemed to set off the contractions even without the thing in. It's a constantly amazing journey isn't it?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Darwin,

    I looked this up, because i tried it after being "rewired" and it ""ROCKS""!!! (I know it is also on the KSMO site)

    It took only a short time to figure out and I find that gentle nursing works for me even better than more agressive nursing???

    Slow and gentle sucking gets me a contraction with every suck and often leads to an "O"! (even without the Anerose in...)

    This makes absolutely no sense that it works and it didn't work before... but now I find it is my new favorite technique!!!

    I'm glad I pulled up this old thread!!!


    Thanx, Darwin

  • I'm trying to get an understanding of this method and I have to wonder if it would just be easier to suck your thumb. It puts the jaw in the right position if you don't push the first knuckle of your thumb past your teeth. The result is the tongue backed up to the soft portion of your palete and the jaw wedged open slightly.

    It would ruin all of Mom's hard work when I was five and adds to the feeling of "man, I hope there are no cameras in here" but if it works, maybe it doesn't matter.

    I haven't tried it and I'm still working on understanding the basic concepts in general but I thought it might be worth mentioning. Could it possibly be useful or am I missing the point?

  • Edit
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    Yeah you can try sucking your thumb. It will at the very least give you an idea where your tongue and jaw should be. I havent tried this myself so I dont know if it'll work, but hey, its worth a try :)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,313
    i find that thumbless sucking is better.

    to get the hang of it, first suck your thumb 3yo style, ie, with thumb in to the first nuckle.

    then, pull your thumb out so that the tip is between your front teeth. try sucking like that a bit.

    then, pull your thumb out so that it is only touching the outside of the front teeth, but not between them (and your lips are sealed around it). try sucking like that. in this position the back of your tongue is pretty much doing soft palete nursing. so, now do the same thing but with no thumb.

    as with all this stuff, its personal preference. but, i would encourage trying to get the hang of thumbless

  • Hello Darwin. Thanks for letting me know about "soft palete nursing". I'm going to call it SPN (hope that's OK). It's the most wonderful thing I've come across on this journey which has only been going on for a few weeks for me.

    May I ask a couple of questions about this technique?

    1--At what point in the breath cycle do you initiate the SPN? After inhaling and you hold your breath? Or after exhaling and between breaths? If you start after inhaling, do you hold the sucking feeling as you exhale... or is this even possible... I haven't been able to.

    2--How long do you hold the SPN? How long do you go before dropping the jaw?

    3--Do you drop your jaw just once and let it go? I get a much greater increase in the sensations if I drop the jaw once, wait a few seconds and do it a second or third time. But is that upsetting the breathing rhythm more than it's worth?

    4--Do you find there's a "best breath" to start SPN on? What I mean is the pleasurable feelings that I have ebb and flow, come and go, and I'm wondering if SPN works best as the sensation is growing--or does it matter? Last night it seemed like doing SPN as the sensations were growing worked best.

    Well, thanks for your time. I hope these questions make sense and are relevant. I'm just getting started trying to reach the super-o and don't have an exact technique yet. It changes every day and my best feelings come without the Aneros. I've had some incredibly intense feelings of pleasure since starting SPN the last 3 to 4 days. It's been so intense it was almost uncomfortable yesterday. So I'm trying to give my body the day off today, but every couple of hours huge pleasure waves eminate from my prostate when I'm just sitting at my desk or in the car. I hope that is a sign of good things to come.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to touch base on this thread for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is that I really believe that there is something to it. I was a bit skeptical at first but went in head first. All I can say is that this soft palate nursing is a kicker. There is some kind of connection that defies explanation. It is like there is some kind of direct link between the roof of your mouth and your prostate. I kicked into a Super O within seconds of starting the practice. I needed the actual use of my thumb to get started. Yes, I did feel kind of silly in the process, but who of us didn’t feel different when we started this Aneros journey?

    What was different about this Super O was that I could feel it centered in my shoulders of all places! I could not maintain this experience for a long time, but I will be working on it. I have wondered about a next level to the Super O, maybe if I can tie together a few of these hot area Super O's (prostate, abdomen, shoulders, legs, head) at the same, what an experience that would be! I am still studying on it, I will let you know what the "My best orgasm how it felt and how I got there" thread.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I found this thread by accident on an unrelated search, and decided to give it a try... within literally seconds of trying the slow thumb removable technique, a euphoric wave of pleasure washed over my entire body and then a sudden powerful build of pleasure in the prostate area, though it vanished after the sudden shock of it all.

    I'm going to try this some more, but I think this thread could be of use to some others as well.

    Sorry if bumping is against the rules, I just thought this thread was too good to leave back in 2006.

    Edit: Just sitting here forum surfing, I've come close to three clear dry orgasms, I wish I was at home so I could try this with my Aneros. :P
  • Subject: soft palate nursing
    See Kechari mudra on
    Can Aneros help Kechari mudra waking up kundalini?
    Do it with care!

  • The things I learn on here. I love it !
  • Hey, Darwin.

    Here's another Tantric method you might like: tongue movement. With your jaw closed, breathing evenly, pull your tongue to the back of your mouth and then gently rotate it around in a circle or pull it back and release it repeatedly. Both of those actions can cause sympathetic contractions of the muscles in the pelvic region.



  • EnrapturedEnraptured
    Posts: 5
    Soft palate nursing leads to Khechari mudra and Khechari mudra leads to state as it is described on There is no need to mention that man becomes very sensitive to all kinds of aneros sensations and it is great fun!


  • smudgefishsmudgefish
    Posts: 262
    @Enraptured I can't thank you enough for that link and bumping this thread. I was meditating last night and experimenting with touching my tongue on the roof of the mouth and circulating energy into my head and felt some of this happening but didn't take it any further. I am certainly going to look into this more. 
  • emgeemge
    Posts: 7
    I have to say after about 3 years of moderate aneros usage I'm still impressed that there is always some new experience to be had. Even though the idea of the soft palete nursing seemed a bit strange and "what should that have to do with my prostate" I tried it yesterday and was blown away :)

    I got a really strong sense of very intense feelings traveling from my head through my body to my prostate. I sometimes had this experience the other way around when having a dry orgasm ... also I think the practice of soft palete nursing brought me another step closer to the super-o. Thanks for your post! 
  • step8step8
    Posts: 8
    Got to say many thanks for this post,I'm fairly new to aneros but have had 2 big super orgasms with out of body touches a few weeks back when i really got the hang of things,since then i've had some great orgasms but nothing close to before,however i've been practising nursing with and without the aneros and this morning with the progasm inserted when i was close to orgasm i started nursing in between waves and wow it grew and grew and then i was over the edge bliss bliss bliss i got up eventually walking like a man on the moon with no gravity,this nursing seems to really stoke the fire ,many thanks.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 574
    Wow.. So this is the full blown version. A step up from soft pallate nursing.
    It involves putting your tounge up behind your septum.

    I'll let you know in 4-5 years when I've practiced enought to be able to do this.