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  • I'm not sure if I'm having involuntaries. I'm easily able to apply a half contraction (Kegel) and then partially let go so that immediately a rapid contraction and release cycle starts. I can do this anywhere and without the Aneros. I have the Aneros Classic model and when doing these can feel some movement inside and the abutment tab pulsing on my perineum. I've experimented with different placement of the abutment tab and it all feels nice but that's about it.

    Are these the involuntary contractions people say take over because I can easily start or stop these? Or am I supposed to keep this up and some other type of involuntary contraction occurs leading to a Super-O?

  • caltoncalton
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    As you have an understanding and can generate involuntaies without an Aneros, you are probably on your way but you must take other things into account. You need to be erotically charged so that you can become mentally and physically focused on what is happening. It is not a purely physical thing that triggers a Super O so you will have to be completely relaxed and take your time. Follow the Aneros guidelines and importantly look at B F Mayfield's thread (see Sticky) 'Key to the Backdoor to Ecstasy'
    I'm sure you'll get there soon.