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  • bigboibigboi
    Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried using a conom with warming sensations on the aneros or used lube that warms with contact? If so how does it feel? Or try it and reply
  • I have tried and it did not feel any different. I tried the Astroglide warming liquid and it is not that great. First of all it is really watery and it doesnt help the aneros to move that well. I wished they had a warming gel lube, it would be a lot better.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    The following is copied from my post in the thread My First Attempt from earlier in the week.

    A word about "warming gel" and the Aneros.....DON'T. Although such products can produce sensation initially, they end up desensitizing nerve endings with continued use and can cause tissue irritation.

    In a nutshell these products will NOT get you where you want to go. They are a short trip to a dead end in ones journey to the Super O.

    BF Mayfield